Friday, December 22, 2006


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You all will no doubt have noticed that there was no easy way to find my email address, just in case you had something that you wanted to send me for posting on the blog. That's because there was no good way for doing that which allowed me to remain known only as "Pat, The Dog". Doug Roberts offered me a solution that I happily accepted: he created an email address for me on his personal domain. There is now a Contact Pat, The Dog link under my stunning photograph. If you click on that, you will be able to send me love mail, hate mail, or material for posting on the blog.

--Pat, The Dog

Good dog. Very good dog!
Maybe someone can use this to send Pat the

document so that it can see the light of day, once freed from its hidden existence behind the LANL Lead Veil.
I also agree with the name of the new Institution: As a former employee of the Los Alamos Scientific Lab, and Los Alamos National Lab, the Corporate folks should rename the place. They should no be allowed to take the former name in "Vain". Maybe LANS could stand for Los Alamos Non-Science...hmmmmm
don't know how to get this posted - does anyone know if we have the january 2 holiday declared by the president? I've tried calling the regular 667-6622 number for updates - guess what - the recording says that the Laboratory is on a regular schedule - during the shutdown!
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