Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Evil Corporate America

No need to "bite my head off". This bit from an anonymous contributor:

--Pat, The Dog


Well, Pat. You make it sound like what has happened at Los Alamos was purely the fault of evil Corporate America. The reality, of course, is that LANL got into it's current state primarily because of the people who managed and worked at the lab these past 63 years. Sure, DOE is incompetent. Sure, UC was incompetent. Sure, Nanos was an asshole. Sure, LANS appears to be even worse than its predecessor contractor (and that is saying quite a bit). But what did the rank and file ever do about the problems at LANL but whine about their benefits?

Not much.

Sorry, but rank and file have been reduced to "whining" about benefits only. The Lab's policy is to "protect managment"...anyone who opposes this policy is blacklisted. Rank and file have no leverage to affect change. Hence, "the beatings will continue until morale improves." What I have seen so far from corporate America is no improvement from UC. So, tell me again why I am beating my head against the wall?

Pat....a dog bone to you for your injured feelings.
....and the LANL employee's can take no blame for this at all?
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