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California truck "spotted" by alert NM (non-DWI) driver:
Is it a UC truck driven by UC Prez. Bob Dynes or a Bechtel truck driven by LANL Dir. Anastasio?
We here at "LANL: The Corporate Story" are fair and balanced, so you sniff it out and decide.

Honey wagon. Kinda reminds me of the phrase Brad Holian used about the "Golden Words" coming from Anastasio's mouth.


In the APS article I posted on December 13th, "both Anastasio and Seestrom emphasized that the management supports science. 'I see really strong support from management for science in the lab,' Seestrom said." [Sounds to my fuzzy ears like Bush "clarifying" himself.] And then, in just a few breathless breaths later: "Seestrom says that the weapons program helps generates [sic] good science. 'There’s a very strong manufacturing component to what we’re doing at the lab,' she said."

Wait a second! Just a DARN second!

Which is it to be?
Words of Gold, or words of Plutonium?

I've been hearing dark rumors about impending RIFs, in spite of Anastasio's "guarantee" that "there will be no cuts among the regular laboratory staff." The so-called "efficiencies" that the gray business suits were supposed to bring to LANL management have not at all materialized.

My questions to you, dear Readers, are:

Have any of you heard of new "energy," "environment," or "economic security" initiatives that Anastasio and upper Lab management have enthusiastically supported? AND come through with more "guarantees" of funding?

On the other hand, have any of you heard of any programs (even in nuclear energy or nuclear weapons, like the RRW, for example) where the managers have sabotaged the chances for funding?

Post away, you 'Anons'!

--Pat, the Dog
From the San Antonio Express-News, we hear this about NM Governor Bill Richardson, former Clinton Secretary of Energy during the Wen Ho Lee "spy" fiasco:

Presidential Material?

-Rebeca Chapa
Editorial Writer (Web Posted: 12/16/2006 12:00 PM CST)
Richardson isn't without political baggage, of course.

He was characterized last year by a federal judge as having been the source of a 1999 leak to the media naming Wen Ho Lee, the Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist accused of espionage. Richardson was energy secretary at the time and was responsible for firing the scientist.


So Richardson is competing with I. Lewis ("Scooter") Libby for "leaker-in-chief" to the New York Times. I personally think Richardson is a rank amateur in this kind of DC game. But he is fully capable of driving the Honey Wagon, for sure.

--Pat, the Dog

P.S. Richardson is the kind of guy who raises my hackles. I keep my eye on him as I circle away from his insincere hand.
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