Friday, January 19, 2007


Bingaman to the Rescue?

ABQ Journal, Santa Fe Edition
Friday, January 19, 2007

DOE Budget May Short LANL

By John Arnold
Journal Staff Writer

Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-NM, says a looming federal budget freeze could severely affect science programs at Los Alamos National Laboratory and other Department of Energy facilities.

He's urging fellow lawmakers to help protect funding for the DOE's Office of Science.

The Bush administration's 2007 budget proposal requests a $500 million increase from current funding levels for the office. But Congress did not pass a 2007 budget before adjourning last year, and lawmakers are now working to pass a budget resolution that would fund most government agencies this year at 2006 levels.

Bingaman, chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, says that flat funding for the Office of Science could result in some lab facilities being closed, increased construction costs for new facilities, layoffs of hundreds of scientist, engineers and support staff and a reduction in university programs across the country.

"The Office of Science funds much of our nation's leading edge (research and development), and it would be a big mistake to allow the proposed budget to be cut," Bingaman said in a news release issued Thursday.

Bingaman and Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., are asking fellow lawmakers to sign onto a letter urging energy and water appropriators to keep the proposed Office of Science funding increase intact.

Lawmakers could do this by giving DOE permission to shift existing funds within the department, according to Bingaman spokeswoman Jude McCartin.

Please be careful with "Bingaman to the Rescue" Jeff stated as recently as last month that he had serious reservations regarding LANL's on-going security up-grades, he along with Udall are questioning the exact same issues that J Dingell and company have aired... specificlly the on-going security up-grades, black hole money pit that the lab has long used for an excuse to spend spend and spend , but so far all of that money has not produced any vialable far as security is concerned, Jeff told the Albq. Journal that he was going to wait until the results from Dingell's committe come in, before he holds hearings on the Lab...Yes Jeff is consedering holding his own hearings......Now take that to bank "Jack"...Does anyone get what's about to come down yet...Actually there may two or three train wrecks, before the summer......Stay tuned...Tom the "Truth Teller", "cat" has the inside scoop from Washington...meoww..
Bignaman is just one more Communist Democrat that would love to give our country over to the Islamics. We are faced with a battle over the true religion, and Islam is a violent abberation. Dont' trust him. Trust Pete, who is a God-fearing decent Republican, who has always stood up for Los Alamos even in the darkest days..
Read closely what Jeff is saying, he is asking DOE to "shift" funds around, duh thats just code for cut "the other guy's" program and leave mine alone. The money may fund the Office of Science but cut deep into other DOE programs maybe LANL's on-going security up-gradge scheme, you know the one that seems to encourage people to commit security infractions just so the lab can ask for more money to fix the same problem over and over and over. Im sure that the lab leader's when questions begain to fly about their troubled security problems....will tell Congress, "Well Senator's we need some more money to fix the problem..." We are almost there just a few more bucks and all our problems will be solved.....
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