Monday, January 22, 2007


D'Agostino talks to Laboratory work force Tuesday

I would sure like to be a flea under his collar during the meetings with "senior laboratory officials"

-Pat, The Dog


D'Agostino talks to Laboratory work force Tuesday

January 22, 2007

Is acting NNSA director

Thomas D'Agostino, acting administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration, plans to speak to Laboratory employees at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. The talk is in the National Security Sciences Building at Technical Area 3.

Attendance in the NSSB Auditorium is restricted to Q or L cleared badgeholders. A Q- or L-cleared badgeholder can serve as an escort for an uncleared attendee. Uncleared attendees must be under escort at all times, with one Q or L cleared escort for each uncleared attendee. Uncleared individuals and their escorts must sit in the designated area of the auditorium.

The talk also can be watched live on LABNET Channel 9 and on desktop computers using real media or IPTV technology.

While at Los Alamos, D'Agostino is scheduled to meet with senior Laboratory officials and conduct other official business.

D'Agostino's talk will be rebroadcast on LABNET Channel 10 beginning Tuesday afternoon. Check the LABNET Channel 10 schedule for rebroadcast times.

RIF announcement? Shutdown alert? Security lecture? Contract rebid announcement? Pep talk?
Perhaps he came all the way out here to tell us about the new training program that will be starting soon at LANL. The one that will retrain scientists to become plutonium foundery operators.
Regardless of topic, the probability is small that there will be meaningful information transfer.
Pep talk no doubt. I expect the obligatory howdy-doodo message we get from all new NNSA Directors, i.e. that we do important work, the nation owes us a debt of gratitude, the budget is tight but if we keep working hard in meeting our deliverables we'll weather the storm. And so basically keep up the good work. He'll also commend LANS for all the "improvements" made since LANS took over (a not so subtle pat-on-the-back to himself for having possessed the brilliant insight to spearhead the selection LANS), but then point out that we as an institution still have a ways to go. And so that's basically it (or at least what we'll be allowed to see in the open). It'll be the standard say nothing, do little to rock the boat or piss off Senator Domenici type howdy-dodo message. Now as far as what's being said behind the scenes, that's another matter. That discussion will be more along the lines of how to bamboozle Congress in the upcoming hearings. Time for another song and dance, dog and pony, smoke and mirrors performance orchestrated by basically the same cast of characters as before when UC was the sole alleged overseer of the Lab's operations. And why not, they're still largely in charge, aren't they? Besides, deception has always better than the truth when it comes to Los Alamos. So why change now?

Hats off to Anonymous 1/22/2007 12:48 PM! It's not often I meet someone nearly as cynical as me. Congratulations for providing the clear persective: you've clearly ridden in this rodeo before.
How cynical can you be?

Have you put your entry into any of the myriad pools started around the Lab betting on when the RIF of LANL FTEs begins?
No, all my money is riding on whether or not Stupak & Dingell will "out" Mitchell for his recent security 'lapse'. Implicit in this is the fact that I have already bet that the rumors are true.
Hmm. I'd forgotten that Linton's lap dog was bald.
From D’Agostino's bio on the NNSA website it looks like he'll have a big interest in preserving the basic science and research work at LANL.... NOT!

"...Mr. D’Agostino is currently a Captain in the U.S. Naval Reserves where he has served with the Navy Inspector General and with the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Submarine Warfare in developing concepts for new attack submarine propulsion systems. He also served with the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Plans, Policy, and Operations in the Navy Command Center in the Pentagon. In this capacity, he was the French Desk Officer for the Chief of Naval Operations responsible for all Politico-Military interactions with the French Navy and served as the Duty Captain at the Navy Command Center.

He spent over eight years on active duty in the Navy as a submarine officer to include assignments onboard the USS SKIPJACK (SSN 585) and with the Board of Inspection and Survey where he was the Main Propulsion and Nuclear Reactor Inspector. In this position, he performed nuclear reactor and propulsion engineering inspections for over 65 submarines and nuclear-powered ships in the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets...

- Naval War College, Newport, RI, MS National Security Studies, 1997
- Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, MS Business Finance, 1992
- United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, BS Physical Science, 1980"
Re: Mitchell -- I'd love to see that corrupt mother f*cker taken down, along with the system that has so far protected him.

I was also hoping to see Nanos taken down, along with the corrupt system that protected him.

We all saw how well that went.
Scheduled for 30 minutes. Come in 10 minutes late and that leaves 20. Say you have another meeting and no time for questions. This is setting the tone for what is coming in June.

Just another worthless bureaucrat.
C'mon guys, you know he's likley coming out to tell LANL they won RRW.
Is he going talk about all the interesting posts at "LANL: The Corporate Story"? I'd pay a dollar to see that!
Only time will tell how accurate the LANL Corporate Blog bloggers are.

One thing may becoming clear...I am not sure the crowd here would be happy with ANYTHING. Just too much bitter venom and venting. Not too much constructive if LANL is to work its way out of its problems. Radical surgery? Amputation? High doses of radiation therapy? Euthanasia? Is that it?

Having said that, LANL has its problems - some major. What is not clear is who is to blame or what the solutions are.

I guess much stems from mistakes management has imposed. Other comes from the much-vaunted "LANL culture." Could it be that We Have Met The Enemy and He Is Us?
OK, people. Time to get ready for Q&A with D'Agostino.
Here are some pointers for appropriate questions to ask
The Man:


** What can be done about drivers who get in my way
when I leave work?

** How can WE help YOU to help US to help THEM?

** Where's that freebie child-care center you've been
promising us?

** Thank you, Mr. D'Agostino.
You're doing a great job!
We appreciate your efforts.
Keep up the great work.
I don't have a question.
I just like to kiss-ass.

** We're all are scared shit-less!
Can you protect us from the Boogie-man?

** I have no problem with drug testing. Thanks for
starting this program. What other means can we use to
monitor our fellow workers? I don't trust any of them.

... and finally...

** I lost my balls, Mr. D'Agostino. Can you help me find them?
Ha! Check out Tom's bio: He's NOT from UC! He's from ... the Navy! Just like ... "Bellybutton" Linton Brooks, Fmr. Adm. Bob Foley, Fmr. Vice Adm. Nanos.
OK, men:
Sink or swim!
Full speed ahead!
A-ooga! A-ooga!
Take 'er down!
Dive! Dive!
Like I a told a you a guy's from the beganning: Im a gonna open a store in Los Alamos and Im a gonna sell my alot a "balls," cause you a guy's up there you have a no a balls..... The Itilano from a Roma, Hey Mikey, and Mike are both a bambions's from a the old a a careful with a them they can a have you a sleep with the fish's....
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