Thursday, January 25, 2007


Does your e-mail to us get read? You betcher sweet a$$!

From a Livermore person (verbatim, as received from the Contact link on the upper left side of the blog page):

My Hopes

As a long time lab employee it's my hopes that neither the University of California nor Bechtel gets the contract at LLNL. Having seen how things are being handles at LANL I would think that NNSA and DOE would assure that LLNL is to be managed by an entirely different entity that has proven itself in the aircraft industry by turning out a profitable product through system efficiency and managers that are in fact people and production managers, not dysfunctional physicists deemed capably by virtue of their Phd credential. If NNSA and DOE are truly interested in streamlining LLNL please select someone that has a history of success and that are known to be able to handle the task. It is obvious that the UC and Bechtel are not the correct choice. They are archaic and world class academician's, not effective and efficient entrepreneurs. It is time for a change.

Followed by:

Do you ever reply to people who write you and ask to have stuff posted or is this just a fake address for people to vent to?


As you can see, we keep our eyes and ears (and nose) alert to anything that comes our way. If it's just "venting," we let you do that in the privacy of your own dog bed. But we DO NOT reply by e-mail, due to the need to protect privacy in the present overly corporatized environment. Nice try, though. You're not the first.


That's one Livermorian who could benefit from using a spellchecker.
And YOU, dear Sir, can use a spellchecker, too!
That's "Livermoron."
-Don't mention it.
But the good news is, the Livermoron is 100% correct and that must hurt.
What happens to Anastasio's (Knapp's...) golden parachute if Northrup Grumman wins? Hahahaha! Mikey'd have to decide whether to get serious about being the LANL director, or else get on his belly and slither back to a physics job at LLNL quickly, before UC loses the ability to rehire him at any level. I'm completely baffled why people at LLML told me he and Knapp are such outstanding leaders and good men. Knapp spends all his time trying to give RRW to Livermore, and Anastasio - well, god knows what he's spending his time on.
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