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The Hearings

Anybody who thinks the hearings are "just for show" should tune in immediately. This is hardball. Options being discussed include shutting LANL down, withholding LANS's fee, and moving big chunks of LANL to Sandia.



UPDATE: 10:43 CST -- The Honorable Mr. Burgess, Texas, just quoted a comment from this blog. The comment was from a blog reader who was pleading that LANL not be shut down. In referring to this blog, he called it a "popular LANL blog". So, I guess that settles the issue of whether or not this blog is read by people who have influence over LANL.

UPDATE: 11:37AM CST -- Mr. Barton, Texas: 70% of LANS's $73.x M award fee is at risk, 30% is fixed. Barton and the IG are discussing how much of a fine could be levied against LANS. Later comments by D'Agostino clarified that the entire award fee is at risk, should sufficient cause be determined.

UPDATE: 11:47AM CST -- Mr. Burgess and the IG were discussing the fact that there is currently an FBI investigation ongoing, and that additional security infractions may be revealed as a result. (Mitchell???)

UPDATE: 11:58AM CST -- A number of the panel and witnesses were discussing the the bid process that led to LANS winning the contract, and (circumspect) questions were raised whether the selection hadn't led to the wrong contractor being selected to run LANL. I suspect that this topic will come up in the closed session which will follow.

UPDATE: 12:25PM CST -- Mr. Whitfield, Kentucky, is grilling Mr. Sell, Deputy Secy, DOE, on the specifics of the bid process that D'Agostino's led which resulted in LANS winning the contract. Boy, does Sell sound uncomfortable and nervous. His little voice is quivering.

UPDATE: 12:52PM CST -- D'Agostino is threatening to spank LANS with penalties of up to $70 million, or to even cause them to forfeit their entire fee.

UPDATE: 12:54PM CST -- Ugh. NNSA CIO Linda Wilbanks is blathering buzzwords about computer security. Bottom line of her opening statement -- "It wasn't my fault LANL screwed up!"

UPDATE: 1:03PM CST -- Anastasio is on. Unlike Wilbanks, he is taking responsibiliy for the CREM de Meth case.

BIG UPDATE!!! 1:28PM CST -- Mr. Burgess just flat out asked D'Agostino if it would be contractually possible to terminate the LANS contract immediately, for cause. D'Agostino said "Yes, but (mumbling under his breath) it would be a bad idea because I picked LANS." Ok, D'Agostino didn't actually say that bit about him having picked LANS, but you could see him thinking it.

UPDATE: 1:43PM CST -- Mr. Whitfeld, Kentucky asked Anastasio if LANL had a whistleblower policy, and then in the very next sentence mentioned that John Mitchell had violated his contract by leaving LANL before his contractual term was up. And then the conversation moved on. I believe the stage is being set to have some more discussion about Mitchell, perhaps in the closed session. This may be another big update.

1:54PM CST, the committee broke to go into executive (closed) session. Could be a bloodbath.

Final Observations: 2:19 and 2:54pm CST -- Someone in the House is again looking at the blog:
I suppose this verifies that we now have an effective "whistleblower" program at LANL, finally.

Oh, the Senate too, BTW.

Hey Charles at T Division: I just listened to the Congressional Hearings, and the Blog at Los Alamos was mentioned, not only mentioned but "Quoted" ....your higher than thou attitude is the problem that we have here at LANL, you sir are out of touch with the reality of what's happening at LANL, what and where do do work? that you can be so out of touch? Your's are the types of attitudes that will shut this Lba down..
Bipartisan brutal. Now DOE IG is pounding on LANL.
63% have post-graduate degrees? WTF is the IG talking about?
The problem here is that management refuses to deal with the slackers, boneheads and just plain stupid employees here. Also LANL has become a welfare system for Northern New Mexico plain and simple. That opens up another political can of worms. You layoff even one person and everyone gets up in arms such as the state legislators, congressmen, senators etc....You CANNOT run a business this way. Until someone address's these issue we are doomed.
As for LANL becoming a welfare system for Northern New Mexico, I suggest you back off. You have just as much slackers here in Los Alamos than any place else. Your elitism is appalling. This is precisely the problem with the arrogant SOBs here.
Rep. Stupak asks "What is LANL doing that is so important taht they cannot be done elsewhere? Answer from Friedman, nothing Congressman....
There is no accountablility at LANL..I thingk that they should change the focus and direction of LANL....
Does anyone know why Director Anastasiohas been pulled from the witness list?
I wonder if Linda is going to talk about the red duct tape on the ports at the Service Center in Albq?
This Burgess guy from TX is talking about Tommy Hook beating in Cheeks. Raises questions about if he has a clue. Wonder if he ever heard the final outcome from the police and FBI.

Wants to know why Quintana took the docs. Geez, she was an idiot who was given a clearance.
All employees drug tested? That's new. Random for existing employees I thought w/o an indication of the percentage.
After listening to the full hearings: Rep. Stupak stated" We are doing to put this dog on a diet and change his kennell" refering to LANL. If anyone out there doesn't think changes are going to happen here, they are kidding themselves. This Blog was refered to several times during the hearing...This can only make our management even more nervous, knowing that the word is getting out....
The Director just told the member of the "Oversight and Investigations" Committee that "all employees are now being tested for drugs"? I thought the new policy stated "RANDOM DRUG "Testing? Is this correct? This is very mis-leading..
J-B Weld sure did get a plug at the Hearings! the ports are not the problem the problem is the attitude of some employees who feel that they are above the rules.....Does anyone feel the "Heat" coming in from Washington?
"I suppose this verifies that we now have an effective "whistleblower" program at LANL, finally."

Too bad it took an act of Congress to get it.
I can see the J-B Weld commercials now..."Los Alamos Strength"...

Next it will be a joke/sketch by Jay Leno...
I don't know about the rest of you, but I was glad to hear the Director say morale was improving at LANL.

Must have taken a survey and I forgot to fill it out.
Hey, Pat. They talked about "Shoot the Dog" in the hearings. I hope that doesn't mean you, good boy!
You can see the entire hearing at: http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/energycommerce/ec_cmte_hearings_2007/013007.oi.hrg.lanl.wvx
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