Monday, January 29, 2007


In the interests of full disclosure

An Anoymous reader just sent this in.



I just used the "Contact Us" link from this page,

to send the following:


If I may suggest, in the interests of full disclosure regarding problems at Los Alamos National Laboratories you might want to browse the following blog: LANL, The Corporate Story, for topics to question Dr. Anastasio about tomorrow. A recommended list of issues which LANL staff may not have brought to your attention, but which require addressing includes
  1. Was former Associate Director John Mitchell's sudden recent departure related to any personal security infractions?
  2. Has LANS accurately been accounting the number of reportable accidents at LANL? And finally,
  3. Should your subcommittee not be considering a recommendation for terminating the LANS contract for cause in favor of a management arrangement for LANL that is described here:
Thank you for your consideration,

LANL, Retired


You be assured that the official LANL version of conditions here will go something like this:

"Problems? Well, sure, we have a few minor issues, but we have them all under control. That LANL, The Corporate Story Blog? Oh, that's just a few hightly vocal malcontents. Please ignore it. We've already made *huge* improvements at LANL."
Will the hearings be all for show, or could substantive changes at LANL result from them: that is the big question. Unfortunately, after having watched the Nanos hearings in 2004, I have almost no doubt that these hearings will be little else than a venue for Dingell, Stupak, Sell, D'Agostino and the rest to grab some air time.

Still, I'll be watching. I am not planning to have a large breakfast, however, in anticipation of the nausea that will undoubtedly result from what I anticipate will be a vapid, empty, ass-covering exercise.
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