Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Lawmakers seek probe of Energy cyber-security programs

From National Journal's Technology Daily

The leaders the House Energy and Commerce Committee and two of its subcommittees are asking the Government Accountability Office for an investigation into the cyber-security programs at the Energy Department.

The letter from full committee Chairman John Dingell, D-Mich., ranking Republican Joe Barton of Texas and three subcommittee leaders notes that cyber-security weakness at Energy could allow "individuals or groups backed by nation-states" to access classified information.

The department issued a report with new cyber-security rules after a 2005 attack removed detailed personnel information on 1,500 employees of the National Nuclear Security Administration. In an incident last year, hundreds of classified documents from the Los Alamos National Laboratory were found in a worker's home during a drug raid.

The lawmakers note that a year later, "it's unclear whether [the department's] revitalization program is working." They want a GAO report on the security of Energy networks and the success of security improvements.

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Keep your ears open for any mention of "Mitchell."
Bill Dupuy of Santa Fe's KSFR Public Radio station interviewed Senator Bingaman recently. He asked Bingaman point blank if Mitchell's sudden departure had anything to do with security issues at LANL. Bingaman claimed no knowledge on the subject.

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Yeah, and Domeinici didn't know there was an oil crisis....
This whole Mitchell rumor is a dud. LANS has far more integrity than you people give them credit for. With LANS' bold vision, this lab will rise to greatness once again. Come on people. It's time to 'keep on keeping on'. Get rid of the gloom face and let's all get to work and clean this place up.
I'll have whatever 1/25/2007 6:07 PM is having.
Get real poster 1/25/2007 at 6:07, the rumor is not a dud and you know it. In fact, I am guessing that you are a LANS manager of some sort trying to muster up some support.

Everyone knows that something is going on due to the absolute silence that has taken place during the past month. The silence is deafening. Now, I don't know if Mitchell will be the fall-guy but someone will be.

If I was an AD, I would be very worried about taking the fall. Remember that Sue Seestrom said something to the effect that sometimes good people have to go down for the good of the institution. In this case, we are all equal ...
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