Monday, January 29, 2007


"Looking forward to the opportunity"

Anastasio to testify

ROGER SNODGRASS, Los Alamos Monitor, Assistant Editor

A spokesman for Los Alamos National Laboratory confirmed that Director Michael Anastasio would appear before the Oversight and Investigation Subcommittee in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.
"Director Anastasio has been asked to come to Washington to testify before the house subcommittee," said spokesman Kevin Roark. "He is very much looking forward to the opportunity to outline all the things we have done in the aftermath of the Oct.17 cybersecurity incident."

Classified materials were found in a mobile home by Los Alamos police investigating a drug case at that time, reviving national concerns about security performance at the laboratory.
In the aftermath, the official in charge of the national nuclear program, Ambassador Linton Brooks, was asked to step down and the National Nuclear Security Administration's local manager was transferred.

NNSA's new acting administrator Thomas D'Agostino came to Los Alamos early last week. According to Jan Chavez-Wilcynski, the deputy manager of the local office, he came to talk to the employees to let them know he was here and probably would continue in an acting role for the two years until the next presidential election.
Wilcynski said he reassured the local staff that the agency's priorities were still the same and that there would be continuity.

He also spoke at an all-hands meeting at the laboratory, which was closed to the press.
D'Agostino is on the extensive list of witnesses for Tuesday's hearing, which does not explicitly include Anastasio.

Also appearing, according to the subcommittee's witness list are the Department of Energy's Inspector General Gregory H. Friedman; the Chief Health, Safety and Security Officer Glenn Podonsky; Deputy Energy Secretary Clay Sell; and the chief information officers of both NNSA and DOE, among others

Danielle Brian, executive director of the Project on Government Oversight, is the only non-governmental witness on the subcommittee's list.

An executive session is scheduled to follow the public testimony.


[I'd like to be a fly on the ... wall during the "executive session." --Pat]

Dear Pat:

Looks like there was shit flying all over the room. Chances are that the fly is under one of those pieces that hit the wall.

Best to stay out of those closed rooms.

-A friend.
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