Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Lost: RRW(?) @ Black Hole

Fake nuke reported stolen
Los Alamos Monitor
ROGER SNODGRASS Monitor Assistant Editor

Ed Grothus, a Los Alamos peace activist, said a mock nuclear weapon weighing 500 pounds was stolen from his salvage store on Monday.
The owner of the Black Hole said he purchased a number of "practice bombs" in Oklahoma about three years ago. He had joined several of them together in a hub to create a sunflower.

The missing fake weapon was lying near the others to give an idea of how the sunflower was constructed.
Grothus said it weighed about 500 pounds. He said he generally sold the "bombs" for about $300 each.

He last saw the replica when he started work on Monday, the Martin Luther King holiday.
"I didn't miss it until I went home at night at 5:30 p.m.," he said.

He recalled that most of the visitors on Monday were from foreign countries, like Canada and England.
"But it would have had to have been a local person," he concluded.

The Black Hole is one of Los Alamos County's most eccentric and popular tourist destinations and is visited by people from all over the country and the world because of its unique collection of vintage high-tech components and salvage from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Grothus was honored last month at the "World Uranium Summit and Nuclear Free Future Awards" in Window Rock, Ariz. He was given an international "lifetime achievement" award, "for his unique brand of gadfly peace activism in the community of Los Alamos, the birthplace of the bomb."

Los Alamos is a small town and hiding a 500 pound bomb is no easy task. If some kids in town took it, I'm sure it will soon show up. Then, again, perhaps it was taken by the aliens who have been making the rounds of late. People in town have been talking about strange colored lights seen just last weekend next to LA mountain. The aliens may be stealing our advanced technology (circa 1950) from Ed's place. I hear (via telepathy, of course) that they're also in desperate need of some pure di-lithium crystals for their advanced saucer engines. Got any you wanna trade? I'm sure they'll pay top dollar!
Oh great, somehow this is going to translate into more training and/or paperwork for everyone ...
Call in the NNSA! Arrest Grothes! Shut the Black Hole down for 7 months!
Ed just needed some press time, probably made the entire story up or he sold the damn thing and this is a convenient cover story when it turns up in downtown Santa Fe on the plaza.
Maybe it's in our stock-pile, along with other stuff that may or may not work.
Dear "1/18/2007 7:16 AM":

Are you suggesting that the RRW may not work, either?

-Son of Oppy
Could be this is the missing WMD we couldn't find in Iraq.
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