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LTCS Pix Are Now World Famous!


Thanks to Anonymous folks for sending these Web-wide signs of our Blog's impact! Enjoy!
P.S. The train wreck in Iraq means lives lost, not just livelihoods. Our hometown wreck is small spilled potatoes in comparison. Still, these wrecks are caused by the same set of saboteurs.

Love the pics...The race is on, who will fall first, George W, or Mikey, my money is on Mikey, but it's gonna be close.
Has anyone heard who "told" on Mitchell???? By the way what is William Gibbs doing?
And speaking of Mikey's imminent demise, has anybody heard when the Dingell hearings are to start?
Dingell hearings, last I heard, his committee was trying to get something together by the last week of Jan 07, for more info you can go to his home page a click on future hearings. If that doesn't work e-mail Mikey secratery ask her if he has a one-way ticket to Washington that week....don't worry the hearing will be publishe in the blog just as soon as they set a date, would not want to miss this one, I also heard they (the committee is investigation) several more incidents here and need a little more time, due to the past's going to be big...stay tuned.
You heard it here first: News leak...investigation into who placed a late-night phone call by a senior manager from LANL to (a highly placed offical) at NNSA, informing them of a security infraction of a highly placed LANL official......more to come....
The official "Train Wreck" that was originally scheduled to take place on June 1st. has now been officially moved up, by "two months"(in coordination with the doomsday clock)to April 1st. stay tuned ...tick..tick
1/18/2007 7:25 AM:

How big? Will they address Mitchell's purported security violations? What else may we expect to be aired during the hearings? Any goodies that we have not heard about yet?
Dollars to donuts LANS is trying mightily to cover up Mitchell's "indiscretion". Let's hope the hearings disclose those involved with the cover up.
"Any goodies that we have not heard about yet? "

I'm guessing that the "April Fools Train Wreck" is the one that will involve 300 - 500 RIF notifications. You can only ignore the $175 million budget shortfall and the mandatory 20% continuing resolution reduction for so long.
Mikey sleeps while the lab is quickly burning to the ground. Time is running out. Here is the key piece of information you need to fully grasp:

<<< It's not going to get any better. It's only going to get worse, as impossible as that may be for LANL staff to comprehend. >>>

In my wildest imagination, I would never have thought the lab would descend to these levels. When RIFs finally hit and puts a lie to Mikey's incessant "no RIFs, no plans for a RIF", we are going to see a lot of angry staff members who suddenly realize they've been played for fools. If you can, start planning to bail out now while you still have a parachute on your back!
As was printed in the Albq. Journal last month, Domenici personally called Mikey , along with the head of Sandia, and a few others: He informed them at that time, of the impending budjet short-fall due to 1. the continuing resolution, and two the change in Cairs for the powerfull Appropriations committee, you know Robert Byrd, (who knows what this guy will come up with)and the now of course John Dingell is also the chairman of Energy and commerce,Domenici is out and Jeff's in. This phone call in Dec.06 from Domenici to Mikey explained the "train wreck" in detail, the only-unknown in the conversation is how many employees this will affect and in what time frame. This was planned to give everyone as much time as possible to figure out how to go about dealing with the anticipited short-fall, which I am guessing is very substantual,(hence the ergent phone call from Pete) who usually doesn't panic....but from what I understand he called Mikey directly from the Capitol shortly after a meeting with his own committee.....Wow for Pete to panic and start calling the "Heads of the Labs, and other enities in New Mexico whose funding depend heavily on "appropriated funds" and warn them of the empending government short-falls is very telling....
Please don't give Mikey sooo much credit, he took over the reigns at the wrong time, it's Congress the do nothing blame everyone else Congress that is causing the budget short fall. You may or may not like Mikey's style but he is actually a victim of circumstance (as far as the budget goes). Even Pete Dominic is sickend by what happened in Congress the last few months, but the bottom line is it happend, now Mikey gets to figure out how to manage this one, lets see: you want to judge Mikey's management skill's, now's your chance...let's see how he manages this the blogger said tick..tick times is running out.
Has anyone noticed that our Public Affairs Office has been rather silent lately....Either they know and won't tell or they are in the dark and can't tell, whatever there is an errie silence...Kinda reminds me of (Silence of the Lambs)
We all need to remember Kevin (my lips are moving) Rourke's famous words on this subject, when he was giving an interview about Mitchell's leaving LANL last month:

From a CBS News article dated 12/11/2006 on Los Alamos spokesman Kevin Roark said, however, that "John Mitchell's retirement has absolutely no connection to any security issues at the Laboratory."
Heard today that LANL Travel Office contract folks are done and that Bechtel-Nevada Travel Office staff will take their place.
If Mitchell was involved in *ANY* security violations, LANS would have to be complete idiots to think they could keep it quietly under wraps. If this is, indeed, the case, then they had better get it aired out in public before the Congressional oversight hearings begin in the next few weeks. If this all comes spewing forth from the mouth of one of the Congressmen during the hearings, then LANS will quickly lose the LANL contract due to both: (1) gross mismanagement at the highest level of the company, and (2) attempting to cover up this gross executive mismanagement. They don't have to give all the details of this incident (due to security reasons), but they do have to divulge that some type of security incident took place involving Mitchell if, indeed, such a thing happened.

Mitchell was a Bechtel VP. People don't achieve those positions by being "quitters". Unless he had some serious medical condition, I can't understand why he would have left LANS after only six months on a extremely critical job. From what I saw of him, Mitchell appeared to be in good health and had a strong mental disposition. If he, indeed, left for medical reasons, how come that reason was never given in discrete fashion when he left? Something about this story doesn't pass the smell test.
The Dingell hearings should focus on the additional security risk from laying off weapons scientists. DOE invested 10's of millions in the Russian Nuclear Cities Initiative to insure that Russian weapons scientists remain employed. Where's the logic in sending American dollars to Russia and then laying off hundreds of Americans?
To the person who has been hinting at more, spectacular revelations to come out of the Dingell hearings: how about giving us a preview?
Answer to what's "the logic in sending American dollars to Russia and then laying off hundreds of Americans?"
-So those damn commie atheistic American scientists can go back to Russia where they came from!
"I hear the train a coming, it's a commin rouind the bend" The Washington Express....They are finally fed us with's time to straighten out this mess....LANL is no more, it's an empty money pit with it's demise in sight...Thanks Sig Hecker for starting us down the path of self-destruction.....First the locals were against the lab because of the lack of complete understanding of where the lab in located: in New Mexico, then the State turned on us because of the arrogance of our "Real Smart" leaders who didn't have a clue, and would not talk to ousiders, then the Country beagn to hear of the Gravy Train, without end, and the lack of crediable Science, lack of Security and the cry-babie cones with the tight shorts and the horn rims, the ones that are crapping in thier over sized pants, becaUSE THEY won't be a able to make a living, after LANL. if wasn't for the welfare at LANL most the northern part of the State would look like Iraq, in the springtime...Oh well it was great while it lasted...the younger people missed what happen here during the turulent 90"s. maybe a good thing, but now "Turn out the lights the party's over"
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