Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Pantex manager to 'temp' at Los Alamos

Dan Glenn: Temporarily moved to Los Alamos
By Jim McBride, Amarillo Globe News

Pantex Site Office Manager Dan Glenn will temporarily take the helm as manager of the National Nuclear Security Administration's Los Alamos Site Office while NNSA officials conduct a nationwide search for a new manager there.
Ed Wilmot, the current manager of the Los Alamos Site Office, is leaving the site to work with George Allen, director of NNSA's Office of Transformation, an agency that will oversee transformation and modernization of the nation's nuclear weapons complex by 2030, Thomas P. D'Agostino, NNSA's deputy administrator for Defense Programs, said in a memo to NNSA personnel.

Wilmot will coordinate activities associated with developing facilities' infrastructure throughout the weapons complex and work to establish consistent business practices across the nation's weapons production plants and laboratories, the memo said.

Wilmot has managed the Los Alamos office, which oversees Los Alamos National Laboratory, since 2004.

He previously was the site office manager at Savannah River in South Carolina and worked at Energy Department headquarters as a deputy in the Office of the Assistant Deputy Administrator for Military Application and Stockpile Operations.

D'Agostino named Glenn to serve as the acting manager for Los Alamos until the agency finds a permanent replacement. Glenn previously served as senior scientific and technical adviser at Los Alamos.

"He will select a team of senior managers to temporarily augment the current LASO management team," D'Agostino's memo said.

D'Agostino also has tapped Steve Erhart, Pantex's senior scientific and technical adviser, to serve as acting Pantex Site Office manager until Glenn's return.

Brenda Finley, a Pantex spokeswoman, said Glenn was out of the office Monday for the federal holiday, but assured his staff he will return to Pantex when the temporary assignment is completed.

D'Agostino, who plans to visit Los Alamos later this month, recently was tapped to take over as NNSA administrator after Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman sought NNSA Administrator Linton Brooks' resignation in the wake of a recent "security breach" at Los Alamos and other management issues.

Brooks was reprimanded in June for failing to report to Bodman the theft of computer files at an NNSA facility in Albuquerque, N.M., including Social Security numbers and other personal data for 1,500 employees.

Personal data for about 180 Pantex workers' personal information also was stolen when a computer hacker broke into an unclassified computer network.

In October, classified weapons documents from Los Alamos National Laboratory were uncovered during a raid at the home of a lab employee.

Pantex! Oh, $#!% ! Oh, dear !
Pu pits in our future?
What next?
Looks like Dan is standing next to a sign that says, "Quality Begins with Compliance." What, in God's name, does THAT mean? ... I know: "Don't ask, don't tell ..."
"Quality Begins With Compliance!"

What a crock. The end is near!
Ah, yes. More of NNSA's vision for LANL's future. "Quality Begins with Compliance", preceded by, "The World's Greatest Science Serving America". Soon to be exclusivly, "Empty Slogans Are What We Do Here".

Even the most blind LANL staff member must be starting to see the writing on the wall.
If I'm remembering correctly, the slogan is about "procedural compliance." Which is kind of hard to argue if your job is to assemble nuclear warheads.
This is just the beganing of the new "Pit" team to come to LANL, just wait there's a gonna be more and more ,the likes of Don. Guess we a gear'n up make some Pits, here in this ol town..At least untill Congress decides where to stick the ol Pit plant, hmmm they tried Rocky Flats ...that didn't work out too well...maybe LANL can be next...besides they really don't have a mission, and they'll take anything that pays, need to pay off the ol mortage..who cares about the furtue, take the money and run...run, hey if thast doesn't work out, then maybe LANL could serve as a Nuclear Waste Desposal site...hey were already half-way there....
Regarding Procedures: We all know bout writtng procedures huh, we have all had to do that , especially under the Nanos regiem,this begs the question? Who wrote those procedures and from what I have seen from some procedure writers, I wouldn't even stand close to the sign, much less the warhead...An EX procedure writer...
Poor Don, doesnt really know what he is in for...I'll give him six month in this current climate...PS we work here....LASO
You know, I personally find it insulting that this guy Dan is merely "temping" at LANL, just like the Livermore guys who are here on a temporary basis ... of course, they may actually be here longer if UC/Bechtel doesn't get the contract because of their stellar performance here.
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