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One of our contributors has left a prediction on the quality of questions that our esteemed LANL staff will be asking Tom D'Agostino after his presentation tomorrow. Here is the prediction, tomorrow we will see how close it was:

-Pat, The Dog


** What can be done about drivers who get in my way when I leave work?

** How can WE help YOU to help US to help THEM?

** Where's that freebie child-care center you've been promising us?

** Why don't we have more flex-time options?

** Thank you, Mr. D'Agostino.
You're doing a great job!
We appreciate your efforts.
Keep up the great work.
I don't have a question.
I just like to kiss-ass.

** We're all are scared shit-less! Can you protect us from the Boogie-man?

** I have no problem with drug testing. Thanks for starting this program. What other means can we use to monitor our fellow workers? I don't trust any of them.

... and finally...

** I lost my balls, Mr. D'Agostino. Can you help me find them?

By contrast, here are a few questions you won't hear from the audience:

**Why was your boss, Linton Brooks fired?

**Why did John Mitchel really leave LANL after just 6 months? No, really.

**When will the RIFs start?

**How many RIFS will there be? No, really.

**What happened to all of our WFO programs?

**Why has our FTE rate jumped to $400,000 per FTE?

**Why did you pick LANS for for the LANL contract? No, really.

**Tell us again what NNSA does?

Can't wait to hear, since many of us are retired and won't be in attendance at today's meeting, would someone, please give us breif overview of the "talk" (please post) so we can compare it to the Monitor's version.....(this is always intreasting....the "spin" from the Public Affairs office, The Local Newspaper, and the real thing)
My Predication of what the new NNSA chief will say: and what he is really thinking: You guy's here at LANL are soooo screwed up, you caused my boss to be fired, you embarrassed the NNSA, your security lapes' are on-going, and I am here to tell you that I m not going to let that happen to me, no sir , not me I'll shut your collective ass's down down so fast it' will make your super-computers pale compared to my swiftness, so
please remember "There a 3 three roads off this hill, and none of them a very busy right now)...So go my chrildren off the hill to where-ever you have come from, back to the ol homestead and the thriving metropolis' that you have all left to come out here and have made a complete embarrassment of what was once a great Laboratory...
Here's another question you won't hear from the audience: "Why do you want to turn Los Alamos into another Rocky Flats?"
I predict another one that won't be coming from the audience: "Your ex-boss didn't have a clue about LANL. What makes you think you do?"
I can a here to thank the "snitch" that a told me the secret, of a high level manager here at LANL, who a hada a lot of "information" on his a computer at his a home..and we gave him a vacation so he could a be a close to his a family, and a lotta money so that he would be a quite and not a say too a much.....I am going to give him the LAN's highest award the "snitch" on your co-worker and hope to get ahead award"...
By the way what is Willam Gibbs doing?
So, William Gibbs has been sniffed out as the "snitch" who reported John Mitchell's security infraction.

I think Gibbs deserves a medal, if this is the case. We all know that the new infusion of Bechtel managers is corrupt, arrogant, and (even by UC standards) inept. It sure will be nice to have some solid proof, however. Perhaps an intrepid news reporter can get a statement from Gibbs.
Is it just me or is the Mafia comeing to town,: Mikey Anasasio, Tom D'Agostino, sounds like the mob has finally infiltrated the lab....Peter V Domenici????The GodFather part 5, or "How the mob stole DOE?" Maybe "Scarface III now playing at LAN's," Maybe that what we need up here...???Hmmmmm
There is no such thing as the mafia.
That's right. And the Mitchell security infraction never happened. Roark said so.
It seems that Anonymous : 1/23/2007 6:19 AM is implying that NNSA, LANS, and presumably DOE are all participating in a cover up of Mitchell's security violations. They wouldn't do that, would they? What if the FBI found out?
The calm before the storm: Have you noticed that just before something "BIG" hits LANL, a highly place official at NNSA or DOE< comes to Los Alamos and tells everyone what a good job their doing and "Everthing Is BeautifuL", then the strom hits, maybe they get a kick out of watching the employee's squirm, and twist in the wind.....My Guess is that the Higher ups at DOE have told Tom, that LANL is need of repair and his job is to fix it or ship it.....
Does anybody really care what Tom says, are they looking to him for direction? Or are they listening to see if they still have a job, or any meaningful work to do. Think he can tell us that?...I don't think so. He has been told exactaly what is expected of him by both Bodman, and Peter V Domenici, and that is: CleaN UP AS MUCH OF LANL AS YOU CAN and scrape the rest......
New NNSA guy,we all wish you well, hope youn can fix LANL's short-comings
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