Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Request for Report on D'Agostino's Talk


There as been a request for people who attended D'Agostino's presentation to send a report in to the blog of what was (or was not) said.



Can't wait to hear, since many of us are retired and won't be in attendance at today's meeting, would someone, please give us breif overview of the "talk" (please post) so we can compare it to the Monitor's version.....(this is always intreasting [sic]....the "spin" from the Public Affairs office, The Local Newspaper, and the real thing)
Thanks, -Anon

Blah blah....woof woof.....you're great, we are great the lab is great......blah blah.....
After all the hoo-ha, this is what we got?

Good Dog?

Sheesh, I didn't even need to leave home for that.

Did anybody even whimper a question?
He was personable and direct - strongly focused on mission. Both environment and nonproliferation were introduced in the first few minutes, but clearly were not his area of expertise. Strongly allied himself with Brooks and projected that there would be follow through and more of the same. Presented himself as a delegator but cyber security and security (and the attendant funding) will be within his personal purview. Vague about his ability to work with the Dem house and senate, acknowledged that there will always be those critical of the lab. RRW was presented as a collaboration with an announcement following Navel approval. Definitely a strong military quality to the whole show. With a straight face he said that he was a decider and made it clear that he was acting and that in that capacity he will make decisions and drive forward. Skirted question about the continuing resolution (although the question was oddly spun). Command, control, delegation, accountability. 2 years, let's roll. Some rah rah, mostly trust building. From that perspective, it was a reasonable talk. Anyone looking for a surprise was disappointed. all the questions were underhand tosses that a border collie would have caught.
Thanks, "1/23/2007 5:38 PM" for your clear and concise report.

Last time we had "Navel approval," we had a Vice Admiral in charge of the Lab and "Bellybutton" Linton Brooks on the bridge at NNSA. You can't hardly get any closer to the Congressional umbilical cord of seaworthiness than that.
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