Monday, January 29, 2007


"Special" Security Rules for Managers

From the LA Times:

"The revelations thus far in [Scooter] Libby's trial suggest that, though U.S. officials — especially within the Bush administration — have publicly insisted that secrecy is crucial in national security matters, there is a backstage world inside the government where even the most basic rules for protecting sensitive information may be ignored."

Does that kind of official sloppiness extend all the way out here from Washington, DC, to the upper reaches of LANL?

(That was a rhetorical question for the benefit of certain Congressional inquirers; no answer necessary.)

--Pat, the Dog

Washington DC is full of leakers of highly classified information. Some leaks come out of the Whitehouse. Other leaks come out of Congress. These people all feel they are somehow above the law. Only the little people get stomped on for classified leaks.

What's worse, many of the leaks coming out of the Whitehouse and Congress are *deliberate*, and not accidental. It's premeditated leaking to the public, and in my book, that the very worse kind. At least our "Meth Trailer" incident, as bad as it was, didn't involve the premeditated desire to leak all the documents to the general public.
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