Thursday, January 11, 2007


This Latest Mess

The following question was raised on the previous post:

"When are we going to know who it is and what s/he did?"

In response, I barked:

"As a previous comment noted, Nanos was able to bury the actual facts of the episode of the non-missing disks which precipitated the 2004 shutdown for months. The only reason the public ever learned that there hadn't actually been any missing disks was that the FBI report was finally released.

On the other hand, it could well be that Congressman Dingell will make a dramatic announcement identifying the perp and his crime when he initiates his subcommittee hearings later this month. Whether or not we all learn if it was Mitchell, and what he did will depend on whether or not the good old boys choose to close ranks, as they did with Nanos.

I'm pretty smart, for a dog. Aren't I? But then I do have Border Collie in my lineage."

I wish to emphasize that at this point in time that all we have on this particular tasty subject (in the sense that road apples are tasty, but hey! I'm a dog) is rumor. Further, I suspect that if we are ever going to learn the actual the facts surrounding this event, it will be Congressman John Dingell who will share them with us.

Now I, (being merely a dog), have only the lowest expectations for how you humans will resolve this latest fubar. I mean really, look how you took care of Nanos' mess.

-Pat, The Dog

Well, isn't this just ducky, my cute little dog friend! And did you know that some higher-ups in the UC days (post-shutdown) also downloaded 'stuff' onto their laptops and took them home 'to do a little work.' The names of these perps were never made public, but everyone in the classified community knew about them. Slaps on the wrist were perfunctory, at best. When you're making over $200K/yr., a month 'off' is not as troublesome as when you're making $30K. But 'little people,' the ones that Leona Helmsley looked down on from 30,000 feet in her Lear Jet, are always squeeeeezed just a little harder than the Big Boys, aren't they?

Bottom line (next quarter): John the Perp will skate.
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