Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ugh. A Different Take On NNSA

Give NNSA *more* authority? What planet does Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Walnut Creek, the new chairwoman of the House Strategic Forces subcommittee come from? Really?

White House, Congress feud over weapons labs
Security breaches at Los Alamos highlight a hearing by exasperated House panelists

James Sterngold, Chronicle Staff Writer

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What are you going to do when you have two weak, ineffectual, and sometimes downright inept government agencies competing for authority? The fact is, neither DOE nor NNSA have shown much justification for a continued role in oversight of our (remaining) national laboratories.
As was stated at Tuesday's hearing, about 15% of LANL's funding now comes from DOE (i.e., Office of Science). Pulling NNSA completely out of DOE could kill that funding and put LANL's budget under even greater stress. Beyond this, putting the labs completely under the control of the incompetent folks who run NNSA would be a really bad decision. Does D'Agostino install confidence in anyone? Did Brooks? How about Wilbank's? I was actually impressed with Clay Snell's (DOE Dep. Sec) performance on Tuesday, as he seems like a bright, articulate fellow. He actually answered the Congressmen's questions of "Why do we need Los Alamos?". D'Agostino just sat there during the hearing like a dumb lump of clay. Putting us under the dregs of an anonymous NNSA would be a nightmare.

And for all you folks who thought that the Dems now in power would be our "friends"... Bwaaaa, ha, ha, ha, haaaaa! You couldn't have been more wrong. Sorry about that one. I just had to gloat. I'll be quiet now.
History: The train toward privatization of Los Alamos and Livermore began rolling in 1994, when the Gingrich Revolution (Republican) started their campaign to transfer taxpayer money even more rapidly to defense contractors. Six years ago, when the Bush Administration took over, the throttle on the locomotive was thrown wide open. The temptation now for Democrats to jump on the bandwagon to grandstand before the public is overwhelming. We, the citizens of this country, must hold all politicians accountable to reality, regardless of the "D" or the "R" behind their names. The temptation to gloat must be resisted by all who actually care about the nation; this is a serious attack coming from DC.

-Brad Lee Holian
It's time for the "Gravy Train" to end..It's not about NNSA, or DOE being our friend as9:25 poster seems to think..It's about all of the waste and lack of accountability here and at NNSA, forget the friends B.S. it's time that LANL go on a serious diet and thats what's going to happen, And there is nothing here including the "pit Manufacturing" that couldn't go anywhere else..Pantex? Remember it was brought here from Rocky Flats...and I can still here the hymn..Oh "they can't shut us down (Rocky Flats) anmd gues what? It's a pile of dirt....Don't get too cocky...this place has out-livwed it's usefullness....
B-OHICA, is that you, you knarly old naybob of negativity. Given up on the drink, yet, old man? It will rot your mind, you know.
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