Monday, January 15, 2007


With Senators like Domenici, ...

Last week, however, the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, in an extraordinary session, heard testimony that the nation is in grave danger of a permanent oil crisis. Some of these senators affected to be shocked and surprised. What planet have they been living on? What is the nation getting for the hundreds of million of dollars paid to their staffers? Outgoing Republican chair, Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM), said to the witnesses that “what you told us today is absolutely startling with reference to the future.” Is it too early for a dumbfuck of the year award?

--Jim Kunstler, author of "The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the 21st Century"

[Is it any wonder that the "Department of Energy" can't seem to figure out a credible "mission" for Los Alamos National Laboratory? For more on the morons of DC and their ignorance of "peak oil," and their slavish devotion to "Big Oil," click on the title of this post; it will lead you to]

With "help" from "friends" like Domenici, LANL should go "far."
"I have proudly represented New Mexico, Los Alamos County, and Los Alamos National Laboratory for 34 years. I championed your interests in Washington to improve the funding for science and improve LANL facilities.

"However, people need more than modern work facilities. They need places to shop, eat, and recreate indoors with their families," Domenici said.

(Quoted in the Los Alamos Monitor)

-But don't expect me to know anything about the emerging oil crisis.
Drill on! Launch a new Exxon Valdez! Who needs polar bears, when we have such a DESPERATE need to keep our Hummers humming?
Another valuable book about the approaching oil crisis is "Twilight in the Desert" by Matthew Simmons. Simmons is a Houston oil investment banker, who was the chairman of Dick Cheney's energy task force. Yes, THAT task force. Believe me, even if congressmen don't know about Hubbert's peak, Cheney and Bush do.
Maybe the Iraq war was always about securing oil reserves. Did anyone really believe all that horseshit about freedom and democracy?
You may know, but other readers may not, that for about 5 hours after the invasion of Iraq, it was known as "Operation Iraqi Liberation." Then, Ari Fleischer, the White House Press Secretary at the time, noticed the unfortunate acronym and changed the official name to "Operation Iraqi Freedom."
Has anybody heard when the Dingell hearings are supposed to start?
Domenici is getting a little to old to comprehend much of whats going on...He reminds me a lot of Regan in his last days in office...
What he is saying to Los Alamos is Hey guys I did all I could are on your own, no more slush fund money, no more ear marks, no more funny money to fix the same problems time after time. You guy's (Los Alamos) will have to sink or out for the sharks in the water, i.e. Dingell,Markey, Barton,.....good luck LA.
I agree that Los Alamos needs a place to shop and eat...but thats about all that this town is going to support....does the business community and the county council really think that they can turn this one horse town into a thriving metroplis? I heard Bill Enloe (President of LANB)state in a T.V> commerical that "were a gonna have night-life and shopping and tourist that are gonna come a visitin...Yea right..this ol town couldn't make it in the best of times , now with LAN's tinkering on diaster, KSL is about to be run out of town, and the new Security Check points , a scarrin the daylights out of folks who arn't use to this sort of thing...the county all of sudden thinks there's a gonna be a reimergence of business in the community.....I think that LAN's (management team)oughta get to gether with our Council people and drink some more kool-aid ........
Heard that the 529 committe asked Mikey to do a commerical, in support of their "George W Bush" look alike contest: see if we can fool the public just one more time" and of course he never returned their call.
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