Wednesday, January 31, 2007


A witicism

From the "Hearings" post, where it was noted that Mr. Whitfeld, Kentucky asked Anastasio if LANL had a whistleblower policy, and that Congress reads this blog:

-Pat, The (Whistleblowing) Dog


"I suppose this verifies that we now have an effective 'whistleblower' program at LANL, finally."

Too bad it took an act of Congress to get it.

I found it interesting at Tuesday's hearing that even the Congressmen and POGO understand the importance of not having the staff at LANL in "at will" status. Most of the sleeping zombies at LANL don't even realize they're becoming "at will" employees. The apathetic attitude of a large segment of LANL's staff is difficult for me to comprehend at times.
Any staff that are so oblivious as to be unaware of their new "at-will" status deserve to be RIFed.
"...becoming 'at will employees'"?

Aren't we already there?
We aren't officially "at will" until June 1st. The RFP said that LANS had to keep all employees at LANL (except top management) on the payroll for one year, unless budget or worker screw-ups required them to be laid off.

After June 1st, however, you can be laid off and LANS doesn't have to give you a single reason for doing it. You'll have almost no legal recourse to fight it unless you have strong evidence of age, sex, or race discrimination.

Having "at will" status at LANL will allow LANS to effectively go after anyone who they deem a trouble-maker. Reporting a security or safety problem may end up getting you fired if the report ends up making LANS look bad.
Where is that 1 year clause in the RFP?
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