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Atmosphere of Intimidation Has Consequences, Sam

Son of Oppy sez:

With regard to Jessica Quintana, let me suggest that, in order to arrest someone for a crime, you have to have reasonable suspicion of criminal intent. If she was struggling under an atmosphere of intimidation and fear of imminently being fired, so that she wanted to appear to be a Superwoman, more hard-working than a speeding bullet, then it is doubtful that any jury would convict her of taking classified work home for the purpose of espionage or selling secrets for money or drugs. It's not even clear that she thought she could use the materials as some kind of blackmail to keep her job; at least, no inkling of that has leaked out.

No one who is familiar with the ancient archival stuff she had in her pitiful single-wide would even equate it with the stuff Wen Ho Lee took out from behind the fence, and he, too, was told that he was at the top of a RIF list. What are the chances, do you think, that out of 10,000 LANS employees, probably half of whom have Q-clearances, there will be someone who cracks, thinking in their fevered minds that their job is at risk, and that the secrets they can get their hands on will be bargaining chips for saving their job?

The atmosphere of intimidation has now escalated to an all-time high, even higher than under Nanos and his foolish shutdown. And now, it comes from the top of the nuclear weapons complex.

Thanks for nothing, Sam.
--Son of Oppy


-Don't play it again, Sam.
--Pat, the Dog

It's clear that Sam has drunk the Nanos Cool-Aid. "It's not my fault, they're a bunch of butt-heads and cowboys."

You've got it wrong, Sammy. Stop listening to your butt-boys in NNSA who are trying desparately to protect their jobs. NNSA and LANS are cut from the same cloth: NNSA is the dumping ground for the civil service dregs of DOE who couldn't be fired and LANS is the dumping ground for the "Gang of Four."

If you were serious, you would clean house at LANS and NNSA both. Seeing as how you are falling back on the "cowboys and buttheads" Nanos rhetoric, it shows that YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.
Two wrongs don't make a right. The removal of the documents and flash drive could have and should have been prevented.

Mr. Bodman is offensive, to say the least, and hopefully on very thin ice.

Things are not as bad as COngress says but not as good as we think they are. I have to hang in for a few more years...
I don't know about you 5:19, but I haven't heard too many people use "good" to describe many things these days.
Training for working with classified documents should have prevented the paper copies from being removed.

If S-11 had acted in Aug/Sep 2005, no amount of information could have been removed on a USB device.
I got a flyer from one of the local RF/Max Realtors in the mail this week. Looks like the Los Alamos housing market is really in the dumps according to the latest statistics. Here are some quotes (Emphasis Added):

"The announcement of LANS as the new operating contractor for Los Alamos National Laboratory precipitated a flurry of real estate activity in the spring and early summer. The pace of activity stayed fairly steady through the summer but SLOWED SIGNIFICANTLY in the fall."

(Chart shown of sales volume)

"Here we see that FEWER HOMES were sold in the 4th quarter of 2006 than in the 4th quarter of any year since 2001. The scarcity of buyers during this quarter is evidenced by the lowest SP/LP ratio (Selling Price-to-List Price) in the last 5 years. The relatively few buyers who were in the market negotiated substantial reductions in the price they paid for their homes".

TRANSLATION: Desperate sellers who want to get off the Hill are now doing what ever it takes to dump their homes.

And the worse part? You probably ain't seen nuth'in yet!
Son of Oppy -

A good cowgirl keeps her calves together
The race is on to sell house's in LA, according to one local Real Estate Broker, the house's on the market may double by early spring. And as bad news continues to sweep through the local community the nmber will continue to rise. A steady decline is in store for the Lab based local economy, news of displeasure from Congress, and Dept. of Enery's set off a firestorm in Washington, triggering the New Mexico delegation to come out this week and make early claims of no new Employee lay-offs, was evident this week as lawmakers scramble to make sense of the FY 07. Eartly or not the New Mexico Lab is caught in a whirlpool of negative press, and well publicized mis-managment, of the Nuclear Weapons lab.........
Thank you for all you've done for us, Sammy the Hut . But instead of scantily-clad little girls, you've got PhD cowboys and buttheads dancing to your tune. You're a real leader of men!
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