Friday, February 23, 2007


Eerie silence

LANL staff appear to be stunned by recent news; we all seem to be waiting for any number of "other" shoes to drop. By my count here are some of the shoes that are up in the air:
  1. the results of Stupak's FBI briefing,
  2. repercussions from Dingell's latest threats to slash LANL's work load, and to enlist the GAO to help him do it,
  3. fallout from the claims of another LANS attempt at a cover up, this time regarding the latest two on-site accidents, both of which resulted in Pu uptake by glovebox operators,
  4. repercussions from both Joe Martz and John Pedicini having gone public with some of the sleazy goings-on regarding the RRW competition, and
  5. related to (4) above, allegations that our very own UC director, Anastasio, has been instrumental in trying to force the RRW decision to go to his old Alma Mater.
There's been no news today, but when the next news item breaks, I suspect it will be another doozy.

-Pat, The Dog

Boy, I'm dumb. I did not see anything that sleazy in what John and Joe sent. What did I miss? It must have been really good.
You have to know what you are looking at, 5:10. LANL was the clear winner of the competition, so why are NNSA/DOE/Anastasio trying to shop all or part of the winnings out to LLNL?
With the "Saftey Incvident" report regarding saftey at LANL Feb. 24, 07 , headline Ablq Journal North: Our management is scrambling to figure out what to say nex: A quote from Rorak"We are much harder on ourselves than DOE would have been"...oh yea you all still have a job, don't you? And the incidents keep mounting up. Oversight left to LANL is far worse than the "Fox in the Chickencoop" senerio, it's laughable.......
It is rumored that this might be the week that the RRW announcement is made. There are 3 potential outcomes of this announcement (none of them good for LANL or consistent with the POG technical recommendation). The scenarios are:

I. LLNL is instructed to implement the LANL design (for the Navy)
II. LLNL is authorized to move forward with their own design (for the Navy)
III. Some version of frankenbomb is given to LLNL as the lead

It might be insightful to have an informal survey of how the weapons staff might respond to the announcement. Many in the weapons program have been kicking around some of the options. The most popular staff responses are:

1. Stay at LANL, but leave the weapons program
2. Go to work at SNL
3. Leave LANL in disgust
4. Stay at LANL in the weapons program, but cut back to a 40 hr week
5. Make no changes

Anyone bold enough to state what you will do (anonymously of course)? This may provide the LANs and NNSA boys a hint at things coming their way (even though they don’t really value weapons experience).
"2. Go to work at SNL" for me!
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