Wednesday, February 07, 2007


LLNL Gets Some BS\\ No, Some INPUT About the Future, Post Transition


here's what's happening at LLNL today...
Life After Transition - A moderated panel discussion

10-11:30 a.m.
Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2007
Broadcast live on Lab TV

Please tune in to hear how representatives of various DOE/NNSA laboratories
underwent their own transitions to a new contract manager. Invited panelists
will discuss the issues they faced under the new operator, the changes their
laboratories and fellow employees have undertaken, as well as the challenges
they faced along the way.

All employees are encouraged to watch

Bob Kuckuck, the former Los Alamos National Laboratory director and former
deputy director at LLNL.

- Lanny Bates, leader of the Facilities Development Division at Oak Ridge
National Laboratory.

- Pat Falcone, leader and group manager of systems analysis at Sandia
National Laboratories in New Mexico.

- Scott Gibbs, associate director for Engineering and Engineering Sciences,
Los Alamos National Laboratory.

- Bill Hempfling, Human Resources director, Brookhaven National Laboratory.

- Carolyn Zerkle, deputy associate director of Nuclear and High Hazard
Operations, Los Alamos National Laboratory.


Any tips for LLNL employees wanting to fine tune their bs detection meters?

Well, did LANL management have a similar forum prior to your transition?
I would add that Lanny Bates was quite good.
To All LLNL Employees: Don't believe these people! Look at their paychecks and you'll understand why their towing the company line.
I watch it and it seems they lacked some knowledge when a question was asked about the term "at will"
Ms. Zerkle is in charge of arranging child-care at LANL.
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