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Nail Hit On Head

An alert anonymous reader has sent me a comment that deserves to be a banner posting. Cooler heads need to prevail when the subject of "security lapses" at the "birthplace of the atomic bomb" comes before the TV cameras.

--Pat, the Dog


LANL continues to take the blame for security "incidents" that are known to either not be real or are known to be another organization's fault.

Refer to the Congressional Research Service report "China: Suspected Nuclear Weapon Secrets, Order Code RL30143, Feb 1, 2006, pg. 37. Quote: " By November 1999, the FBI reportedly obtained new evidence that China acquired information about U.S. nuclear weapons from a facility that assembles those weapons. The evidence apparently stemmed from errors in the PRC intelligence document said to contain a description of the W88 warhead. The errors were then traced to one of the "integrators" of the weapons, possibly including Sandia National Lab, Lockheed Martin Corporation (which runs Sandia), and the Navy.



And here's another Anonymous donor, extolling the recently little extolled about LANL:

"Where in all of this public flogging is the LANL 'Communications and Government Relations' Office? The lab offers so much more to the country than pit production and nuclear weapons and yet it is extraordinarily rare to see anything about the lab's other accomplishments. The new '1663' magazine title doesn't even tie itself into the lab (a la LA Science of a few years back). (I suspect that not all of the general public has toured the Bradbury Science Museum to learn the significance of the 1663 reference.) There are fewer and fewer press releases and it seems that if it isn't covered in a master management memo, it didn't happen. The 'Communications and Government Relations' management should be on a full-court press to get out the good word that there is so much more here.

Thanks for your blog. Your time and effort are deeply appreciated here at the krill level of the LANL food chain."

We don't need no stink'n facts in our new "Faith Based" world. If people like Fox News' O'Reilly claim Los Alamos gave away our nuke secrets to the Chinese, then it must be so. Shut the place down.
Another thing that is not Los Alamos fault- Jessica Quintana had a DOE-issued security clearance. The investigators missed the meth lab....

24 disciplined following LANL security breach

WASHINGTON (AP) - Los Alamos National Laboratory officials say 24 lab employees were disciplined after an October security breach.

A lab spokesman, Kevin Roark, says three of the disciplined employees were reassigned.

Roark says most of the rest of the actions ranged from suspension without pay to written reprimands.

The disciplinary action came up during a US House oversight committee hearing Tuesday about the security breach.
Hey guy, you've been making the news up here in California and there is continual inference that it "time to shoot the dog" as it was stated in one of the major newspapers; and they are not talking about NNSA or DOE. So lets say that someone on capitol hill does in fact have mercy on you and decides that they are willing to take a chance on the "people" once more, and disband NNSA; I still where there is a big problem. Isn't it NNSA that was supposed to have oversight of the 66% you that took option TCP-1. I guess this mean that these people's retirement is "gone" with a stroke of a pen. The other 33% that took TCP2 have no fears. Oh well, I guess that the way the ball bounces.
I'm guessing poster 5:31pm is our old friend, B-Ohica. It's got that familiar ring to it that I've come to associated with his twisted thoughts.

No, B-Ohica, we'll make out just fine. No need to drum up fear about a loss of our pensions. You can get back to drinking that warm bottle of rot-gut booze that's sitting in front of you. Now, leave us all alone.
Is it just me or do the rest of you all find the silence at LANL/LANS senior levels and PA offices just a little odd. Having been for ~15 years, it strikes me that they are hiding something since they are not speaking. Usually the PA office can't keep their yaps shut and spew "don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain..."
If Congress is really reading this, I hope they were not fooled by Mike's statement that morale is improving. In fact, it is worse than it ever has been. Since LANS took over, they have managed to break every last functioning entity at LANL. Perhaps the biggest example is procurement and LANS destroying the JIT system. Now we cannot order anything - this will have far-reaching impacts on programs and other things like safety. If you are reading this - please help us before it is too late.
Yeah I agree that our Public Affairs office is not "spinning" the latest news....Something's up I think that there is more to the story than we are being told...the latest Security Infraction, or maybe there's something else coming down, like we really need more..
Let's hope that what's coming down the road is not a raid on LANL by a hundred or so FBI agents. That's what happened at Rocky Flats, and from that point onward it was clear that Rocky Flats was destined to be closed down.

Something like that could happen, but only if LANS committed serious security violations at the highest levels of management and then tried to cover it up. Of course, that would be a worst case scenario, and I doubt it would ever happen. Still, the lack of any comments from the LANL PR office or from our upper management is kind of spooky.
Is that true about TCP1 being funded by NNSA?
Question of the Day? Do we really need the Public Affiars Office? What do they do, I listened to KUNM last night and the reporter stated that the "Lab" would not give out any information regatrding the hearings? I know for a "fact" that several people lambes in Spanish who read this blog before they finish their morning coffee. Maybe it's the only information that they have access to, ya think? Good Morning Kevin//
A vote in favor of the PA office -- Do you REALLY think a press release is going to change the path of Congress?

In the areas where they CAN have a larger effect, current media-relations efforts to show off good LANL stories are underway with the New Yorker, Congresssional Quarterly, NPR, National Geographic,the History Channel, NPR, and a bunch more. There's a lot of real news about LANL science out there, but one does have to choose to acknowledge it and be willing to give credit where it's due. Maybe it's just easier to throw rocks.
Actually, the seemingly incompetent folks at the Public Affairs office are simply puppets of the bigger bullies at our ever-popular and highly-regarded collection of august lawyers (that could not hold a job in the real world) at Lab-legal.
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