Friday, February 23, 2007


No Fair! Sandia Snags 'Award'!

Each January NMSR Reports, the newsletter of "New Mexicans for Science and Reason" (, publishes it "Best and Worst Awards." They're prepared by NSMR President Dave Thomas, a fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

One of the Annual Awards for the year that just ended goes to Sandia
National Labs --

"The 'National Lab for Hire' Award to Sandia National Labs, for letting a
parade of young-earth creationists promote their pseudoscience and hawk
their books in the Steve Schiff Auditorium."

-- From the March/April 2007 issue of "Skeptical Inquirer."


[But wait a minute: Doesn't LANL get one for Anastasio's bringing Judith Miller to the Lab, she who is a former reporter from the New York Times, who aided President Cheney in his rush to war in Iraq? (Remember the WMDs that weren't?) Seems a little unfair; Sandia always gets the award, while Los Alamos get left holding the bag ... At least LANL didn't score in the Darwin Awards. -As far as I know.


"At least LANL didn't score in the Darwin Awards."

Pat, I believe the vote is still out on that one. Check back in a year or two.
The Darwin Award goes to -- NNSA, for destroying a national laboratory and thereby, national security.

But it ain't even a little bit funny.
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