Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Oh, look!

Sam sent one of his boys over to check out what insecurities the arrogant scientists at LANL are up to today. I don't imagine our DOE "friends" will be able to see much with that itty bitty 800 by 600 window.

Please tell Sam we're all just fine back here at LANL, but we are running a bit low on JB Weld. Could you send some more?

Hey, as long as we have your attention, could we ask you something? We were wondering: which one of us arrogant scientists was it that approved Jessica Quintana's DOE clearance?

What? I couldn't hear your answer.

-Pat, The Dog

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Pat, The Dog is apparently far too polite to say what he was undoubtedly thinking, so allow me to say it:

Me ... polite ? ? ?
Last time I was accused of that, I bit somebody's cute little A$$ ! ! ! (and a good time was had by ALL ...)
I think the DOE will be singing a different tune once the investigation into the VP Cheney Energy Task Force gets rolling...hoo boy.
You know, I am hopeful that the poster at 2/06/2007 1:19 PM will have the balls to stand up and say something next week when Mike has the "all-Hands" meeting. And I really hope people (aside from Bernie Foy) speak up instead of sitting there like a bumb on a log. I am a new TSM and spoke up and raise some issues at a recent "All-Hands" meeting in C-Division held by my AD and DL for a facility-specific safety event and I got subsquently spoken to by a few of my superiors for bringing things up and I was told that if I was unhappy about my how things were being handled then maybe I should seek employment elsewhere.
7:25, Your managers were merely expressing to you their failure to communicate. Hopefully, you have now got your mind right.
Yep, management in the for profit at will company finally is showing its true colors. My advice to you is to keep a record of every problem on your home computer and be prepared to stand up for yourself once the RIFs begin.
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