Friday, February 23, 2007


Pantex, LANL, Safety Problems

This was just sent in by KSFR's Bill Dupuy (Santa Fe Public Radio Station):

Bill Dupuy
KSFR Santa Fe

Supervisor of troubled Texas nuclear plant moved to Los Alamos (Podcast)

on at:

LOS ALAMOS (2007-02-23) -- The federal official in charge of overseeing a Texas nuclear-weapons plant where workers are complaining about safety issues has been transferred to oversee the Los Alamos National Laboratory's nuclear weapons operations.

Los Alamos Site Office Manager Dan Glenn has not returned our call for comment. But we talk to a watchdog group about charges critical of the Texas facility that were aired in a Los Angeles Times article.

Listen to the story.

More "quality" help for LANL from our good friends at the NNSA.

Thanks, guys, hope to be able to return the favor some day.
I hope you're not planning on staying long, Dan. Many of us aren't. Wait a few months before buying a house though, just in case you plan to make yourself at home here. Prices are predicted to drop quite a bit.
What a load. The only over-worked Pantexans I ever saw were those rushing to the parking lot to beat the 4:30 traffic.

The hands-on time for PX people who REALLY work on nuclear explosives is less than 3.0 hours per day.

POGO's just spreading their normal propaganda and driving costs through the ceiling and less work accomplished everyday.

Everytime the Union boys want a raise they start talking about safety issues.

As for Dan Glenn, IMO he is one smart cookie and not your normal NNSA dunderhead.
Too bad we don't have a fix on just who 2/23/2007 6:17 PM is: Is he a Pantex manager? An NNSA shill? A right-wing, union-busting Texan? A buddy of Dan Glenn? Dan Glenn, Himself? We need to know that before we assign a weight to this post. (I posted it in order to elicit some kind of info, beyond the usual "Anonymous.")

--Pat, the Dog with Doubts

The use of the word "dunderhead" in 2/23/2007 6:17 PM's post indicates that he is a member of an older demographic, perhaps not too well educated. I vote for NNSA. The post is typical of NNSA's response whenever criticism is aimed at them: blame the DOE contractor.
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