Thursday, February 08, 2007


Plenty of joy to go around

Just to show you that LANL does not have a patent on all of the fun that comes with being a national lab, we should check in on what our friends just to the south have been up to.

The story can be seen here:

and here:

Oops. Hope the pilot was wearing a diaper.


Hey, it's not in the same league as having the #2 guy at the lab getting caught with a laptop full of classified goodies in his home, but it's not too shabby, either.

I mean really, not having a mechanical canopy release backup system? I wonder where the systems engineering for that part of the F22 was done.
I've heard of locking your keys in the car, but not when you're in it.
LockMart security strategy reminds me of Bechtel exit strategy.
I remember this; what a joke (at our expense). Did you read the CP piece (in last day or week) about how the F-22 can't be used in Iraq? This plane is the latest at signal intelligence as well as other marvels, but it can't fly in the Baghdad area because the US has put up so many EM noise units -- to jam remote detonators of IEDs -- that the F-22 would be jammed and fly "blind." So this $350M marvel of air superiority and electronic warfare is useless for Iraq. Similarly, the F-117 stealth fighter is now accompanied by "normal" EM warfare planes EA-6 and others, because a passive (not active) system developed by the Czechs, and used in Serbia to shoot down a F-117 during "Madelaine's War" is in circulation, and being copied. As i recall, this stuff was described by some of the military people who write at CP: the Serbia story was described at
Hope they had an IWD in place to work with the sharps and wore the proper green nitrile gloves as PPE to prevent cuts.
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