Monday, February 05, 2007


So, naturally

Comment from an earlier post:

"Also, DOE got raked over the coals for their providing a clearance to Jessica, at the closed meeting with the congressional committee. LANL reps weren't allowed in..."

So, naturally, Bodman's response is to blame all of the security problems on "arrogant scientists" at LANL.


check out"Personal Financial Disclosures" at under Samual Bodman III for 2005 under assets and see if he cares a rats ass as to what happens to lanl. his position is for ego, not for need.
Yeah. Here it is: (poor guy!)
Nothing has been said about our State Elected Officials and I think it’s about time. We need “ethical” leaders all around us. These individuals don't need to worry about themselves and/or their family should a RIF occur.

Are their organization’s facing a budget cut and will they be put on the Workforce Mobility Program and/or face a RIF?

Representative Jeanette Wallace's son (T. Wallace) works for STB - Did he apply for the job?

Speaker Ben Lujan's daughter (J. Valdez) recently got a "Chief of Staff" position without a job ad sent out for prospective bidders.

Representative Debbie Rodella recently got a transfer to HR without a job ad sent out for prospective bidders.

Representative Nick Salazar works for the Government Relations Office. Is this not a conflict of interest? Ever check out the hours he puts in as an Affiliate. Its does not coincide with Laboratory policy. Also, we have qualified scientist’s that are Hispanic and/or Native American that can sit on the Board of Governors from Northern New Mexico. Please stop oppressing this community!
Mikey's lack of willingness to talk to us until the 12th truthfully show to me that that he does not support us. He certainly passed the buck during his recent visit to Washington. Also, come to speak of it, I haven't heard anything from my AD either. Silence speaks louder than words.
To 2/06/2007 4:36 PM: Momma got him a job ... but remember LANS is ignoring the nepotism issue so it doesn't exist!! Terry did "apply" and will be granted the PADSTE job - the entire job search was a complete snow job for the Lab so that we will "believe" that Terry out-qualified ALL the possible internal and external candidates.
Maybe for show and to check the boxes 6:13, but me, I'm all outta believin' these days.
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