Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Terry's ears hust have been burning

Terry "There Is No FBI Investigation of Mitchell" Wallace is checking himself out on the blog (he's a regular visitor here).

You must have meant Terry "Send me an email, I'll keep it confidential" Wallace.
And Terry, "I have a Q clearance, but you can't trust my word" Wallace.

Terry, Terry, what would your mother say if she found out that you can't keep your word?
Isn't reading this blog from a LANL computer waste, fraud and abuse? Maybe he should be reported to the DOE IG.
Working at LANL these days is fraud, waste and abuse.
1:04 pm - so can we expect the return of your future paychecks as recompense for your part in the fraud, waste and abuse?

On a slightly different note, I have occasional visions of the abundant brain power at LANL coming together to resolve our many issues and actually helping the Lab be what we all want it to be - 'course the vision is quickly dispelled by some the more painful posts in the blog. Oh well, Hope springs eternal!
Yeah, right, 6:22pm. You're hoping for this miracle from those very same staff members who were bleating, "I want UC to win the contract so that my benefits are preserved" while the contract bid was in progress.

Now that is one unrealistic expectation.
Could we get back to the original purpose of this thread? -Trashing Terry Wallace? (Thanks.)
Absolutely 6:37 PM! Trashing Terry, Mitchell, LANS, janitors, UC, congress, DOE, the media, NNSA, scientists, non-scientists, the Bush administration, and each other is SO much more fun than discussing real issues, floating solutions, establishing direction, and coming together for the good of each other and the future of LANL! Have you heard the one about how many Terry’s it takes to change a light bulb? . . . [sarcasm added]
One notes the lack of

"discussing real issues, floating solutions, establishing direction, and coming together for the good of each other and the future of LANL"

in your contribution, 2/22/2007 10:12 AM.

Discussing real issues, floating solutions, establishing direction, and coming together for the good of each other and the future of LANL sounds great, but the onerous management structure prohibits these activities. Until LANL management is shrunk back to what it was in the mid 70's, no matter how many good attempts there are to accomplish a change in direction, the structure will bring the change to a screeching halt.

The current structure is designed to cause problems rather than fix them because the direction for LANL has already been decided. Remove classified work, kill research, and just build pits.
There are a number of people who would gladly shrink "LANL management back to what it was in the mid 70's," namely, by shrinking the size of the Lab back to what it was in the mid 70's. -Or smaller. Be careful what you wish for.
Shrinking LANL management is not the same as shrinking LANL. There are about 200 extraneous positions that do nothing but meet and shuffle paper or support those who meet and shuffle paper. They contribute nothing else to LANL. They feed off LANL, returning nothing. That's the definition of a parasite.

I can not believe that Division leaders of divisions that need to cooperate on projects and work out budgets could not sit down at the table and work out their needs without the involvement of parasites.

The way to accomplish this is to return to the group leaders group responsibilities rather than having division leaders micromanage groups. Group leaders again need to be responsible for their budgets and people while division leaders need to coordinate projects across LANL.
Well, today was the last day for ADTR's former "morale officer"...$163,500.
Lisa Gutierrez, you will not be missed.
Here's a comment about Lisa from the old LANL, The Real Story blog. It is sadly portentous.

This is soooo Los Alamos. The wrong person hired to do the wrong task, at an enormous salary. Lisa makes $163,500, as an Office Director; and her specialty is Diversity, not Staff Resources. This is like hiring a senior chemist to do the job of a junior physicist.
If this is one of Beason's good ideas, I'd hate to see his bad ones. I can't imagine that this will do anything positive, but it will waste a lot of time and money, because Lisa will surely use up a lot of staff time.
The problem at TR, and LANL proper, is lack of leadership, lack of accountability, and a lack of trust and openness in dealing with the staff. Lisa can't address these problems; but her presence may provide a one year excuse for TR management's failure to deal with the real problems.
Hopefully by then LANL will be under new management, and this dumb idea can be put to rest.
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