Sunday, February 11, 2007


Who is watching us from the outside world

As we collectively sit here at this, the next of what has been a whole series of events that have determined what the next phase of mismanagement events at LANL will be, I, Pat, The Dog, thought you might be interested in a coarse demographic breakdown of visitors to this blog.

Roughly, based on an observational snapshot of visitors, this is the breakdown, geographically speaking (excluding LANL, which seems unusually interested, by Los Alamos standards, in what is going on here):

California - 48% Rancho Cucamonga, Oakland, Livermore, Los Angeles, Napa!, El Cerrito, Hayward, and Turlock!, feature predominantly. Who in Rancho Cucamonga could be so interested in what is going on here?

Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Reston: 30% Who is it in Reston that can't make it through the day without knowing what the blog is talking about?

Mt. Laurel, NJ, 10%. Who the Hell is in Mt. Laurel, NJ?

Pasco, SRP, Oak Ridge, INEEL: 10%. Of course they are interested.

Everybody else: 2% The remainder.

So, as we prepare for Monday and Mike's much delayed exposition on the Congressional hearings, [an event which which lab historians will identify as yet another in a series of momentous events that passed by the majority of LANL staff largely unnoticed], this is who is watching us from the outside world.

-Pat, The Dog

Bob? Bob Foley? S. Robert Foley? Is that you out there in California? How's the old Navy boy doing? Hey, I've got a special message for you in the ol' boy Navy style. You know, one ship flashing to another? Get out your notepad:



Copy that, old boy? Hope UC is treating you well these days. We miss you out here in New Mexico. Thanks for setting us up with LANS. Heckava job, Brownie.
No, its not Bob.
Lockheed Martin has operations in Mt Laurel
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