Friday, March 23, 2007


100,000 Visitors Today!

Congratulations, Pat!

>100K, 1 week before Shutdown!

Good boy! ... er, girl?

-Anonymous (#100,043)

Thank you Pat the Dog. You tried, but after nearly 30 years in the trenches at this Lab I never really had hope that the Lab's workforce would have the intestinal fortitude (or gonad mass) to take a stand. When the layoff took place in 1995 the masses stood and watched. It didn't matter that they might be next in the scheduled additional waves of layoffs that had already been announced for 1996 and 1997. The survival strategy then, as now, was simply this--hope it (whatever "it" is) happens to the person sitting in the cubicle next to yours instead of you. When Nanos painted every LANL employee with the same cowboy/butthead brush, the masses once again stood in silence while the few brave souls got lanced for their efforts to set the record straight. When the masses at the Lab were labeled for the stupidity (i.e. accidents and mishandling of classified data) of the few, once again the masses at the Lab stood by quietly, hoping against hope once again that they hang on until it was their turn to retire. Nothing else mattered. Pride didn't matter. Fairness didn't matter. All that mattered was our ability to retire fat and sassy. When the pay disparity case became headline news the masses, once more, stood silent, hoping not to be noticed, once again, except when it came time for the payout. Then of course you'd get a rare glimpse of the masses taking a stand, albeit only a stand at the front of the line with hand extended waiting for their share of any payout. And so it goes at the once-proud now late-great Los Alamos National Laboratory. Silence, complacency and fear--the three cornerstones of the UC legacy left in northern New Mexico for all to marvel at. Once again thank you Pat the Dog, for at least caring enough to try.
What will be the final disposition of your blog? Will it remain online for viewing? Will a copy be provided to the Los Alamos Historical Society?
Gee, Pat, don't the numbers show how much this blog is needed? Any chance you will reconsider? Why is it that you are giving this up? This is just what LANS is praying for - if the blog disappears all the bad things become secret...
Hey - what happened to the Sandia Blog link?
There was no activity on that blog. 'Ed Teller' is apparently not all that interested in putting in the effort necessary to keeping a blog topical and on-point.

Would you like the blog to continue with a new owner?
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