Friday, March 02, 2007


$1.6 million lawsuit against LANL

This was sent in by a reader:

Hi Pat,

Information Assets Management, the LANL subcontractor that employed Jessica Quintana of CREM de METH fame, and whose contract with LANL was terminated according to Michael Anastasio's Congressional testimony, has filed a $1.6 million lawsuit against LANL (or, more likely, LANS).

I have no details, but Information Assets is probably claiming that their contract was wrongfull[y] terminated insofar as the FBI has allegedly cleared them of any wrongdoing in the security breach.

N the No

PS: Pat, The Dog would like to know what else the FBI findings will reveal, specifically re: John Mitchell.

Well, unless the spineless LANL legal department decides not to fight, the contractor does not have a leg to stand on. One of THEIR employees violated the law and the terms of the contract. I have participated in a few contracts and ALL are terminatable without cause with no more than 30 days notice.

Is having cause (their person taking classified home) reason enough in our legal system to allow them to get a judgment against LANL for exercising its contract rights? I hope not.
One of the ironies of this whole episode is that Information Asset's president, Alice Quintanilla, was appointed by George Bush to his IT advisory council and she served on its cyber security subcommittee!
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