Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Beware of 'News' on the Internet

And here's the 'quality' of the 'story' by the 'reporter':

"The drug dealer was a former employee of KSL, a subcontractor with a
Los Alamos contract. How he could walk out of one of the world's most
secure nuclear weapons laboratories with highly secret information on
USB memory sticks is near unbelievable."

A. The person who worked for KSL was a woman.
B. She wasn't accused of being a drug dealer.
C. The drug dealer was her renter (maybe not even a boyfriend).

Wrong! The person was NOT emplyed by KSL but rather by a small business archival specialist subcontractor.
Techworld was wrong on EVEN MORE counts!

Should I rest my case, or hope for even MORE confirmation that the 'e-media' has it out for LANL?

--Pat, the smug Dog
No Way! I saw the pictures, it was a dude!
She was employed by Information Assets Management.
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