Wednesday, March 28, 2007


DOE Has Its Evil Eye On You, John

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Sad really. DOE is worried about what John writes on the blog but won't do a thing to correct the problems highlighted here. I guess they deserve the ~$170M bill they are getting - wow, such savings...
They (DOE) really know more than what they lead us to belive, they have many, many insiders working amongst the ranks of LANL employees' and then we have the folkes who dial 911-DOE Hot-line (we have several in our group who know the number by heart)every time they see or precive something is out of line. Besides our Management sending us down the river, we have our own dis-gruntled employees adding crocidiles to the already stirred up waters, how ya gonna win this one...I think we are doomed both internally and externally..What do you think?
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