Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Gonzales: "Mistakes Were Made" -- Can We Expect NNSA's Apology for RRW Decision?

Gonzales: Prosecutors Firings Mishandled

LARA JAKES JORDAN | AP | March 13, 2007 02:11 PM EST

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Alberto Gonzales acknowledged that mistakes were made and accepted responsibility Tuesday for the way eight federal prosecutors were fired.

At a Justice Department news conference, Gonzales said he would find out why Congress was not told sooner that the White House was involved in discussions of who would be fired and when. He did not back away, however, from his stance that the dismissals that did take place were appropriate.

"I stand by the decision and I think it was the right decision," Gonzales said.


[No, never mind; D'Agostino will just say about RRW, "I stand by the decision and I think it was the right decision." (As Bush would say, "I accept responsibility for the ___ decision, but none of the blame.")


I don't think you are going to get an apology for awarding LLNL the RRW. It was stated earlier in this blog why you guys lose that job and will continue to lose others. Dig deep and you will find the post. I think it mentions something about running your mouths and shooting yourself in the foot, and until that changes you should expect more of the same. So there you go, implosion to the max with everyone of importance looking for the outside waiting for the entire infrastructure to collapse, taking with it all who are embedded. So my question is, where will you be standing when this action takes place?

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