Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Lies and Links between Libby and Lawyers (U.S. Atty's) and LANL

Of the twelve people pictured here (one recently invited to LANL, two live in Santa Fe):
Q. How many should be impeached? (Hint: See far left, far right panels)
A. Two (No, not Rove!)

"Now Pete, here, is no crook. You 'n I know a crook when we see one. Scooter's a crook, but Dick isn't. He 'n Pete are my trusted friends. At least, Dick is. I hope Pete gets his life straightened out, an' becomes born-again, like I did."

[The following article is not so far-fetched, since we see that privatization by CheneyBush has led to corruption at LANL (managed by LANS, LLC), and it has spread to our very own patron "Saint," Pete.]

Why the Libby Verdict Is So Damning
by Arianna Huffington

Before the GOP spin machine kicks into high gear, shouting from the mountain tops that the Libby verdict is just about making false statements to the FBI, and that no one was ever charged with the underlying crime of outing Valerie Plame, let's make it clear that Libby was found guilty not just of perjury but of obstructing justice -- obstructing justice in order to encumber the investigation and keep secret the dark, ugly truth about how the White House sought to cover up its lies about Iraq and its efforts to intimidate and silence critics of the administration. But the cover ups are unraveling. And they are unraveling at a speed and in a quantity that guarantee Bush's legacy will both be marked by the tragedy of the Iraq war, and soiled by corruption, indictments, and convictions.

So on the same day that the Libby jury returned its guilty verdict, we have the second day of searing and sickening testimony about the way we've been treating our wounded troops at Walter Reed, and Congressional hearings investigating the sudden firing of eight U.S. attorneys for allegedly being too zealous in their prosecution of GOP corruption. And with Democrats back in control of Congress we can expect more of the same over the next 22 months.

Following the verdict, one of the Libby jurors asked reporters, "Where's Rove? Where are these other guys?" The answer: waiting for a whole flock of chickens to come home to roost.

Sounds like another day at LANS, where you are threatened to stay quiet and if you question management, well, you get fired ...
Arianna Huffington - now there is a name you can trust. Kinda like hearing stuff from my AD Mary.
According to CNN, the prosecution is not going after other perps.
Does anyone know about the person described in a letter to the editor of the Los Alamos Monitor. He was supposedly fired after working for 25 years for some sort of minor security infraction (according to the letter).
Sandia management encourages employees to come forward with security concerns. Just ask Joan Woodard. And I quote: "We want to create an environment where employees feel comfortable coming to management with security concerns..."
Wednesday, March 7, 2007

LANL unfair to longtime employee

Dear Editor,

Recently, a 23-year veteran employee at LANL was terminated for an absurdly minor security infraction. The employee had an impeccable performance record. "George" was only two years from retirement.

The majority of LANL employees and residents of Los Alamos take security matters seriously, and are dismayed at the recent security breaches. However, it seems that LANS is concerned only with appearances.

"The lab is getting rid of the low-hanging fruit," said a low-level manager recently. LANS does not want to do the difficult job of ferreting out the real security problems; they just care about their bottom line.

A younger, less experienced and cheaper subcontractor, trained by "George," has replaced him. Mid-level management did not fight for this employee, apparently because it, too, is afraid of being caught up in the witch-hunt. The phrase "there but for the grace of God goes I" comes to mind.

On the bright side, "George" can now sell his over-priced Los Alamos home for an obscene profit before the real estate market is flooded as a mass exodus out of Los Alamos begins.

J. Jacobson

Los Alamos
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