Tuesday, March 06, 2007


On a related note

A comment on an earlier post:

Regarding the poppy seed story, check this out:


On a related note, the Otowi cafeteria is now serving poppyseed muffins on their breakfast menu -- 2 for 1 special pricing from now until June 1!

It's all part of the LANL SRP (Staff Reduction Program)


Interesting. As I read this I am finishing off a second slice of "Seeduction" bread, from Whole Foods. It's chock full of poppy seeds.

Maybe I'll have a third slice.
Just imagine ... just imagine if everybody at LANL went on a poppy-seed-bagel-for-breakfast diet ...
Nah, just dreamin'. Never happen at Los Alamos. No cojones here, man.
Now, if Krispy Kremes made you test + for meth, wouldn't THAT be a trip?
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