Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Domenici complained of U.S. attorney 4 times

<-- Note NM version of Mickey Mouse watch (5 minutes to midnight?). "St." Pete is demonstrating for LANL staff how to drink the Kool Aid.


Peter V Domenici (R-NM): Should have retired at least two terms ago, like an aging boxer who wants to go one more round, one more fight, just to satisfy one's ego. It's a shame that our Senior Politico from New Mexico, has embarresed us all....once again...yes, I know he funded and over funded the Lab, created the NNSA, another political move that back-fired right in his face, the contract that brought us LANS had his finger-prints all over the "behind the scenes" manevering, he played fast and loose. Only because of a pissed off U.S. Attorney, has the good Senator shiting in his pants, but for him and the rest it was business as usual, only he got caught. More importantly to us (LANL) who do you call when you piss away a million here, a million there, and then want to get more funding to feed the ol "Gravey Train" ? Well guess what? The "train wreck" is on a collision course with destinity...stay tuned...the train wreck is still on schedule, only now the impact may have more consequences than fromerly anticipated or ever imagined...
I'm not a big fan of Pete, but at least he can spell.
What can he spell? "Pit"?
Domenici sounds like an arrogant cowboy. When we keep folks in office as long as this man has been kept in office, is it any wonder he gets to feeling as though he's above the law? Who's going to hold him accountable, really? The Congress? The judges he's plunked down in our Courts? The voters? How about none of the above? If that's the answer then I suppose we just have to learn how to live with the stench of it all. Boy, what a wonderful world we've created for ourselves.
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