Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Should be a very brief meeting:


So what is the news on this meeting?
I didn't go, but it wouldn't surprise me to learn that the malicious little Ewok told his flock that the decision had been made to outsource all of the rest of 'science at LANL' to LLNL, just as they did with the RRW.

You know, he jumps in his car (which I bet still has California plats on it) at the end of each day and drives back down off the hill to his rental unit in Santa Fe. I bet he even keeps his bags packed and ready to go right there by the front door.

Thanks for all you've done for 'science at LANL', Mikey. It has not gone unnoticed.
No, in Mikey's defense, his black sportscar has NM plates.
Terry was announced as the new PADSTE, people clapped and cried, and Terry did not answer any question directly. All we know is that (a) the Lab will be different in the future and (b) there will be change but hell if Terry would explain any details. An amusing moment came when someone pointed out that professionals should be running our PR but of course we know that nobody in our communications division will get replaced.
Once again people had the opportunity to ask RRW questions and nobody but Fallensbee did - kinda sad that people gripe on the blog and nobody dared ask Terry/Mike any questions like "why did you sell us out on the RRW Mike?". Terry even towed the party line on why we lost yet there is much e-mail going on by Martz and Pedicini as to the real reasons why we "lost" the RRW competition. Nobody even raised the question - everyone just peed their pants with the announcement that Terry won out in a "national" competition for his PASTIE post. Really disheartening to watch on the computer feed.
And Mickey lives in a quaint little conservative house up towards the ski hill off Hyde Park road.

will someone post those e-mails?
Sorry, "Mickey" is the Mouse on St. Pete's watch (see a couple of posts earlier); "Mikey" is the cute, cuddly, bewhiskered Director of the sinking ship LANL.

In fact, I heard from a real estate agent that Mike is renting a house in the Las Campanas neighborhood ... amazing what you can afford when you are King on the Hill.
Can you really call Las Campanas a "neighborhood"?
Mikey also announced that he personally had a cell phone "incident" in his office the day before. Yup, his own cell phone rang. Not clear if this was a gov't or personal phone (even us peons can skate on a gov't phone booboo), but he vowed to leave it in his car in the future.

Now that's leadership!
I never thought I'd say this, but actually I felt more "leadership" from Terry than I've ever gotten from Mike. That's not saying a lot, granted.
Most of the RRW team has been gagged by an AD. We were told you cannot ask questions in public that would embarrass leadership. Check this out, it's true. It sucks to work under these conditions, but that is the reality of the bully's that are running this place. Several RRW insiders are considering posting a bunch of the details of what we are saying behind the scene and the response we are getting. Stay tuned to the 10 o’clock edition.
Pat, the Dog said... "Mickey" is the Mouse on St. Pete's watch...

But can you tell if Mickey is wearing a LANS, LLC watch?
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