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Time to Impeach Cheney/Bush: George McGovern

What distinguishes [George] McGovern from most other political elders, however, is his refusal to mince words about the current occupants of the White House.

"I think this is the most lawless administration we've ever had," he says of the Bush-Cheney team. That's a strong statement coming from a man who tangled in 1972 with Nixon, and then saw Nixon's presidency destroyed by the Watergate scandals. But McGovern says there is no comparison.

"I'd far rather have Nixon in the White House than these two fellows that we've got now," said the former three-term senator from South Dakota. "Nixon did some horrible things, which led to the effort to impeach him. But he simply was not as bad as Bush. On just about every level I can think of, Bush's actions are more impeachable than were those of Nixon."


This bunch of crooks affects us all, even in Los Alamos County. Even some of us life-long Republicans can see the truth in what ol' George says. And here's what Marty Kaplan says:

Impeachment is off the table -- I keep forgetting. Lying about a blowjob is a high crime, but lying about Iraq's nukes is merely high Kissinger. The daily actions of Bush, Cheney, Gonzales et al are the very dictionary definition of "impeachable," but because thirty percent of fundamentalists, and a hundred percent of Fox, would scream bloody murder, we will have to wait for this endless Administration to end, wait until after the pardons are inevitably issued, after the Freedom of Information requests are finally honored, after the manacles on the presidential archives are finally broken, after the press finally suffers stenographer's remorse, after the historians at last connect the dots, to learn how really bad it has been, how close we have danced to the brink of a de facto coup.

-Martin Kaplan
Research professor and associate dean, USC Annenberg School for Communication.

And here's what Robert Scheer says:

If the occupation had gone well, of course, Cheney wouldn't be under fire. But as it heads into its fifth year, the only winners in this war are the aforementioned radical Shiites, Iran, mercenaries, al-Qaida, oil companies and military contractors such as Halliburton, which has scooped up $27 billion in contracts paid with our taxes. Now Halliburton is making its home in an undemocratic oil-garchy so distasteful to Americans that we wouldn't let a company from there manage our ports.

Perhaps Cheney, in disgrace, can build his retirement cave there.

-Robert Scheer, editor of TruthDig

I do not think we will see any serious effort on impeachment. It would distract from the 24 month presidential campaign and the plethora of candidates would be forced to make a stand (something candidates are generally wary of).

So, just more bloviating and moral outrage.

For the same reason, I would not expect any change in actions regarding LANL, LLNL or RRW until after the presidential election. Things will continue as they are: LANL will be run by LANS; LLNL will be turned over to Northrop Grumman or LINS; RRW will be "further studied" at LLNL; a new RRW-2 study will get a fitful start; and morale across the entire nuclear weapons complex will continue to erode because we as a Nation will not hold the debates needed to choose a future.
While I certainly agree with McGovern, one has to wonder WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE THINKING in DC! BUSHCO is the biggest single disaster that has happened to this country in my lifetime. Aside from the constitutional illegalities, war crimes, and damage done to this country (ever hear of global warming?) there is the question of just HOW MUCH money BUSHCO has borrowed internationally, from whom, and exactly WHAT that will cost future generations....
So, is this blog's purpose now to contain and promulgate any slander or compalint against the U.S. government or the administration? Good going, guys - way to establish credibility on LANL issues. Isn't there an adult around to moderate??
Some who wander onto this blog can't see the connections of national disasters to their local catastrophes. One can hope that they will begin using spell-checkers and gradually start the painful process of thinking critically for themselves. Patience, dear Readers. There will come a time of enlightenment for many of these wanderers.

--Pat, the adult Dog
It is not that we cannot connect the dots. We just can't connect dots that should not be connected. This blog has turned into nothing but a constant stream of attacks from the left on all things Bush, interrupted by an occasional burst of narcissistic carping about the laboratory. What a pathetic waste of energy. Of course, it is unlikely that this post will be approved. All of the others I have put out there expressing similar sentiments have been suppressed by our "unbiased" moderator.

Maybe this will help. It's Bush's fault. Everything bad that has happened is all the neocons fault. The bastards!
3/14 6:39 am:

So, pointing out a typo constitutes effective refutation of a point on this blog? What about those who understand in detail the "local catastrophes" and DON'T believe that the Bush adminstration is responsible?? What if something bad happens somewhere and GW didn't actually have anything to do with it? GASP! I guess personal, local responsibility and accountability, for both incidents and the management response to such, isn't a concept you get.

It would be nice if this blog stayed true to Doug's purpose. A blatant, and repeated ad nauseum, political agenda on the part of the blog's moderator is unseemly in a town supposedly dedicated to science and demonstrable truth.
The last couple of posts may, in fact, be only the plurality of opinion in this brave new Lab. If national opinion polls have any validity, however, it would appear that the Neoconservative world view is losing ground, based on objective, scientific observation. I leave it to you, dear Readers, to see what fits the facts best. Your Corporate Masters have a vested interest, though it may not be very well reflected in this blog.

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