Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Why do we need new nukes?

From the Hays Daily News [the view from the amber waves of grain in Kansas]:

On occasion, we’re offered stark reminders that Joseph Heller’s classic satire “Catch- 22” wasn’t all that satirical.

Take the news out of Washington, D.C. The Bush administration — with guidance and agreement from the military and the Department of Energy — announced it had selected the design for a new line of atomic warheads.

Almost 20 years after the Cold War ended, we’re designing a new line of nukes. And not just any nuclear weapons, no sir.

These warheads will not require nuclear testing. Testing wasn’t even in the Request for Proposal for either the Los Alamos National Laboratory or the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

We need no ADDITIONAL nukes: We need more RELIABLE nukes, so that we can bring the grand total number down to 100 in the entire world -- or LESS. It's a tricky business, best not left to faith-based Neocons.
I thought the one with the most nukes wins!!

(....and it would be an added bonus if they were reliable...)
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