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Without music, life would be a mistake

Being new to posting on a blog I ask that this be posted anonymously. I've been a practicing chemist for 30 years, and have never found music at work to be a distraction, quite the opposite, it helped me stay focused and kept from from thinking about the sometimes depressing job conditions. But I like to call your attention to this little gem that came out this week from Mike Mallory (see below). I call attention to the first two "improvements" in the list. These are subjects that Scott Adams has addressed in a number of Dilbert cartoons. It's sad to see that our management has sunk that low, or could be that clueless. Though I have to admit I've run across co-workers who thought listening to music at work was somehow unprofessional, but I tend to side with Nietzsche on this, who said "Without music, life would be a mistake." But I guess in the grand scene of things this is just a drop in the bucket.

It looks like adults aren't welcome at LANL.


I think I could live without music, but #2 says Dilbert has to go. Say it ain't so!
Get used to life in the factory. Assembly lines, where people stand and do robotic tasks all day long, have been replaced by lines of robotic machines, doing robotic tasks all day long (at least in Japan, where machines originally designed in America do all the work). Robots don't need music, and besides, they make their own rhythmic racket. They have no need for Dilbert postings, and they don't sneak over to the computer to see what's been posted lately on LANL-The-Corporate-Story.

This place is fast becoming unrecognizable, at least to me. Am I alone in this? Say it ain't so!
The issues identified in the memo might seem trivial when compared to the broader scope of problems that have engulfed LANL in recent years, and especially during this last year.

However, the fact that the memo was even conceived, much less circulated to staff indicates a sickness within LANL management that is probably not curable.

I am glad that I no longer work at LANL, but I feel sympathy for those who remain and are forced to tolerate the type of inept, malicious management illustrated by the author of this memo.

--Doug Roberts
LANL, Retired
Do we have to raise our hand and ask permission when we need to pee now?
You will be told when to pee if needed. See IPP 732.
Could someone scan the cartoons that are taken down and post them to this blog?
3/07/2007 7:45 AM

That's right. We will be told when to pee.....and it will be in a cup for drug testing
Maybe we could get more done, with out the continued harrassing memo's coming down from people who don't have a clue regarding the working-conditions in PF-4...come on down Mike..wwe can chew some gum and listen to a little Blues on the radio......We invite you down...
Wow, what a neat place to work...where the management sends memo's like this one, is this a Nat. Lab or a factory gone bezerk...This is sad but getting to be almost laughable....and certianly not very professional..but again maybe that's the whole point...
For those of us who work at TA_55, we now affectionately refer to it as 'Stalag 55.' Of course, not to be confused with "Hogan's Heroes" Stalag 13.......................
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3/07/2007 5:16 pm:

"For those of us who work at TA_55, we now affectionately refer to it as 'Stalag 55.'"

Maybe the TA-55 "cowboys" are now objecting to being corralled, at last? Have we finally done with Bruce Matthews'legacy? You don't get to make up the rules anymore!Welcome to our (the rest of LANL) world!
Cowboys? The former NMT Division has the strictest work control policies at LANL. Puh-leaaaassssseeee.
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