Friday, April 06, 2007


And another GREAT blog!

Dear Dr. Strangelove:

Somehow, I just got tuned into your new blog, mainly by clicking on your name on a comment you posted about Danny Stillman's book on China, on the new follow-on blog, "LANL: The Rest of the Story." I'm going to add you to the list of links, and suggest that people view your inner sanctum, dark and foreboding though it may be. I note that you are an 'older' LANL guy, but perhaps older is wiser. The mouth-breathers at LANL will need your refreshing perspective in the dark and gloomy days ahead. Nothing will substantially change anywhere in the country (and LANL in particular) until a new Administration is elected and has some time to sweep out the dust in the granite tombstones of democracy in DC. That's two more years, and life in those two years will grind slowly but fine, as Dickens used to say about the wheels of British justice.

Keep up the good work -- and are you, perchance, a veterinarian?

--Pat, the Dog

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